Mask you Mug

Yesterday, during my lunch break I took some time to grab a few things I needed from the grocery store.  In my county it is still mandatory to wear face masks while food shopping in almost all the stores-which is fine, except I feel like I can not breath in them most of the time.  That makes me anxious, and I am already anxious by being in the store in the first place.  I hate going to the grocery store-I hate the way people treat each other, no one is ever nice.  People act like you're in their way all the time, people take up the entire isles instead of sharing the walk space, I just leave most of the time really stressed out.

So my shopping experience started to take a downward spiral when I was looking at the chicken breasts and I catch an older lady standing with her cart pointed right towards mine, really close.  I look over at her, and she clearly wants to be right where I am at and she is staring me down, and I can still see the scowl even through her mask.  I look back at the chicken and she inches closer-I look again, and she is scowling and staring.  I mouth the words "FUCK YOU LADY", in a silent whisper, and it hit me-I can do this to all the assholes that are rude.

By the time I was in the check out line, I had told about a half dozen people off and my mood was lighter, I was laughing-behind my mask.

Good job Lela, GOOD JOB!



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