Everything Bagel Seasoning

 So little known fact, I have loved everything bagels for about 29 years......which is when I had my very first one which I bought while working at a hospital in the town near me (years and years ago).  It was the best thing I ever had, and I became pretty obsessed with it (had it every day for breakfast).

I had to learn how to make it myself, so I could eat bagels on the weekends with cream cheese and sprinkle the stuff on top.  I love that you can buy it already made up these days, how amazing is that.

I still love my own, because I like to add in extra sea salt and extra dried onions.....mmmmm, it is EVERYTHING....

Anyway, it's super easy to make, here is my basic ingredients (add equal parts/or add in more of your fav of the following:

Sea Salt
Minced Dried Onions
Minced Dried Garlic
Poppy Seeds
Sesame Seeds (I use white)

Store in a jar of choice :) 

Enjoy one EVERYTHING you want to be awesome.

As you can see here, I used cute little Mason jars I found at Wal-Mart

As you can see here, I am enjoying it on some cream cheese with my breakfast :)

xoxo, Lela



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