Monday, November 30, 2020

3 Month Mark on the Horizon

So, when I decided to do keto I told myself I would give it three months to see how it worked and how it could fit into my lifestyle.  That three month mark is quickly coming up over the horizon.  The date, December 17th!  I have to decide what I want to do.  Do I continue on Keto for another three months?  Do I just go into a calorie deficit and work out?  Do I just go into a calorie deficit and not work out (which is more like me)?  What do I do!?

Being on Keto has allowed me to loose almost 30 pounds in two months.  Most of that weight was put on during COVID and being home however, so to the outside world who is seeing me just thinks I look like I've always looked-but I really have lost weight (you just didn't know I gained before that lol).

One thing I have learned though doing Keto is that what is really the most important thing when trying to loose weight is that diets really don't work.  Fads or paid programs-not necessary.  What really works is cutting down on your calories to loose weight.  And of course, working out-which is not my thing.

I feel like a broken record.  I know people are sick of listening to me.  I can feel it and see it in their faces.  I mention the word "keto" and certain people laugh or give me a side glance because of what they have heard from someone else.  Which is fine, we all make assumptions about people based on what we have heard, and if you say you never have-well then you are a liar sir.  That is a fact.  Plus I find it ironic that people judge other people for how they eat, when they never want to be judged themselves about how they eat.  I find it ironic that someone would scoff at someone for "trying" to get or be healthier or loose weight, especially if they themselves are over weight and also not healthy.

I didn't really write this post to say good or bad things about keto or the people who love or hate it, it was mostly to try to work out in my mind how I would proceed with my journey after my three months are over.

I want to keep moving forward with my weight loss and I really do want to do low-carb/keto still-but not so strict with the macro counting.  I can't keep up with that shit my entire life.  Plus I love potatoes & popcorn!  I can have them sure, but if you have something like that on keto you have to lay off the other carbs that are like in your veggies-so you miss out on other things instead.

I understand that water is key as well, and you have to drink enough of it as you are loosing weight.  I have struggled with this most certainly!

(got to get to work-will update more later)

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