My first SHEIN order!

 Well, first I'll just say-the shipping time is totally insane.  I see on TikTok that some buyers got their items like just a few days later, mine was ordered on October 8th and I didn't receive it until October @@.

Second, I was hoping everything would come that was ordered & would fit, here is what I ordered:

Here is my review of what I received (ranking 1-10):

Low cut maroon floral top 2(oddly made, small boob area, sleeves are to short, and so is the shirt)
Light distressed hem denim 2(oddly made, huge up top, not high waist, to short, way to big and stretchy)
Black Zip Up Sports Bra 2(oddly made, big in most of the areas like under the arm pit)
Yellow bralette 1(oddly made, to big-cups basically just cover your nipples)
Button up Dark Jeans 1(SHORT, not high waisted, fit was okay)
Green Off the Shoulder Sweater 4(seems well made, can be worn off either shoulder, to short-comes to waist)
Black Legging/Workout Pants 6(short, but they make my ass look amazing-but is basically the only thing I like in the entire box-and I don't love them)

All items arrive together:  Yes

Quality of items:  Meh

Fit: Meh

Cute Factor: Meh

Would you order for again?  No.



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