Friday, October 16, 2020

(little) Girls Weekend

 Finally getting around to blogging about our weekend with my darling nieces S&S.  I have to be honest, I was nervous about having three girls in the house-all excited, for more then 12 hours, under the age of 7.  Most nervous about having a very young gal at the house-without her mama.  But it all turned out wonderfully, and all three girls had a great time.  Miss O just adores her cousins, especially "the baby" as she so lovingly calls her.  Miss S2 didn't seem to mind, most of the time.  And when she did get tired of it, she let Miss O know....which was adorable.

The girls played all day, and then we had a little luncheon for Weston's 18th birthday.  The girls all eat good, they were starving by lunch time.  They also, ate all their icecream cake.  Later that evening, after they had supper and bathes we popped some pop corn and they watched TWO movies before one by one passing out.

The next day, their mama came and got them early-but we did have time for WAFFLES!  I of course used my little Dash Waffle maker <---you can get one here!  So cute.  I love that thing.

Anyway, I was able to snap just a few images of the two sisters together the day they came....are they not so beautiful?

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