Keto Friendly Granola Mix

One thing I really miss living the keto lifestyle is crunchy food.  I don’t typically eat granola, even on a standard diet-but I do love trail mix.  I also love  crunchy, as I said before.  I decided to try my hand on making some grain-free granola to snack on, have as cereal or top my yogurt with.

What you’ll need:

1 cup of sunflower seeds
1 cup of pecans
1 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes
1/4 cup of almond flour
2 tablespoons of egg whites
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1/4 cup swerve sweetener 
2 tablespoons butter
Sea Salt

What you’ll do:

Preheat your oven to 325 and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.  In a medium boil, mix nuts, flour and coconut.  In a small bowl mix your egg whites until a little foamy, add in cooled melted butter, vanilla, sugar and a pinch of sea salt to taste.  Pour on top of nut mixture & mix well.

Spread this mixture on your prepared pan as evenly as you can, bake for 8-10 minutes at a time-stirring until toasty (20-30 mins).  Store in some cute mason jars and ENJOY!

This recipe was inspired by one just like it in my Southern Keto cookbook.  The only thing I really changed was the sugars because I wanted to use just one instead of two.  I hope you’ll love it as much as me.

My first SHEIN order!

 Well, first I'll just say-the shipping time is totally insane.  I see on TikTok that some buyers got their items like just a few days later, mine was ordered on October 8th and I didn't receive it until October @@.

Second, I was hoping everything would come that was ordered & would fit, here is what I ordered:

Here is my review of what I received (ranking 1-10):

Low cut maroon floral top 2(oddly made, small boob area, sleeves are to short, and so is the shirt)
Light distressed hem denim 2(oddly made, huge up top, not high waist, to short, way to big and stretchy)
Black Zip Up Sports Bra 2(oddly made, big in most of the areas like under the arm pit)
Yellow bralette 1(oddly made, to big-cups basically just cover your nipples)
Button up Dark Jeans 1(SHORT, not high waisted, fit was okay)
Green Off the Shoulder Sweater 4(seems well made, can be worn off either shoulder, to short-comes to waist)
Black Legging/Workout Pants 6(short, but they make my ass look amazing-but is basically the only thing I like in the entire box-and I don't love them)

All items arrive together:  Yes

Quality of items:  Meh

Fit: Meh

Cute Factor: Meh

Would you order for again?  No.

10 Thing's I've Learned One Month on Keto

 This week marks my fourth week on Keto fully.  I have remained in ketosis the entire time, I am not even sure how.  The first few weeks were so easy, and fun-I lost a lot of weight and I felt amazing.  The third week, I started to come down from that "high" and now in the forth week I am feeling discouraged and not sure what to do from here.  I mean, I'll keep going-I did make the commitment to stick it out for THREE months.  And honestly, this has been a good decision over all.

However, the first ten things I learned real quick was:

  1. I don't love things as much as I thought I would, such as eggs, cheese and bacon.  Growing up, and even being an adult I always limited my cheese and fatty meats.  It's just what I was taught growing up.  So when I started Keto I was like, yessss.....I can have my favorite foods, cheese and eggs.  Two weeks in, I am sick of cheese and eggs.  Not to mention, when I see recipes of cheese made into anything crunchy I get totally just grossed out by all the grease/oil.
  2. I do miss bread!  Again, something I didn't have all the time-maybe a slice once a week-but when you don't have the option to have any buttered toast with your runny eggs it's kind of disappointing.  I have tried keto low carb breads and they are disgusting.  I'd rather not have any then eat something that tastes like what I imagine cardboard to taste like.
  3. I do not even miss Sangria.  I really thought I'd have a hard time with this one, but turns out it wasn't a big deal at all to give up wine-and fun fact-you can still have some wines on Keto.  Just have to find the right ones.
  4. Chaffles get old, real quick and they basically taste like a dried up over cooked omelet.  Nothing more can be said about that.
  5. DRINK YOUR WATER!!!!  And try to drink more then your recommended amount if you can stomach it.
  6. EVERYONE HAS ADVICE.  Be it good or bad.  People, who didn't seem to worry about the fact that I am morbidly obese all have concerns with my kidneys and liver all of a sudden, because they "heard" keto can damage your organs.  And on the flip side of that, people who have been on keto before-and stopped all have advice on how I can improve my keto life.  The advice isn't asked for, and it isn't even helpful to be honest.
  7. My family will eat what I make, even if it's "healthy"....which is a big win for me.  If I make a "pasta" dinner with zoodles, they gobble it up!  In fact, when I make cheese mashed broccoli for myself because I have made them mashed potatoes, more times then not they take my side as well.  It's just that good.
  8. More inches then weight the forth week.  I didn't loose much at weigh in this last week, less then 1/2 of an ounce...but the inches off my bust, waist and hips is remarkable.  I can really tell when I put on my jeans, they slip on (out of the dryer) with no issues-no stretching just pure comfort!
  9. I am sleeping so much better.  I only wake up to pee once a nice, because-well water!
  10. I am working out, and actually enjoying it.  My frame of mind has improved and I feel better about myself-so much so that I am actually MOVING MORE, cleaning more, going to the grocery store and shopping instead of doing grocery pick ups.
I cannot wait for this list to expand...but that's all I got for now....

xoxo, Lela

(little) Girls Weekend

 Finally getting around to blogging about our weekend with my darling nieces S&S.  I have to be honest, I was nervous about having three girls in the house-all excited, for more then 12 hours, under the age of 7.  Most nervous about having a very young gal at the house-without her mama.  But it all turned out wonderfully, and all three girls had a great time.  Miss O just adores her cousins, especially "the baby" as she so lovingly calls her.  Miss S2 didn't seem to mind, most of the time.  And when she did get tired of it, she let Miss O know....which was adorable.

The girls played all day, and then we had a little luncheon for Weston's 18th birthday.  The girls all eat good, they were starving by lunch time.  They also, ate all their icecream cake.  Later that evening, after they had supper and bathes we popped some pop corn and they watched TWO movies before one by one passing out.

The next day, their mama came and got them early-but we did have time for WAFFLES!  I of course used my little Dash Waffle maker <---you can get one here!  So cute.  I love that thing.

Anyway, I was able to snap just a few images of the two sisters together the day they came....are they not so beautiful?

Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs

 I am sure you've heard me rave about my one and only keto cookbook, Southern Keto right?  Well yesterday after work I decided to make some candy, for myself, so I won't be tempted to snack on the Halloween candy that I bought for the kids.

This is a HIT, a must make-and it was so easy!!  I have so many ideas now.  I did mix up the original recipe a bit, and here is what I did.

What you'll need:

1/2 stick of salted butter
1/2 cup of shredded coconut
pink Himalayan Salt

What you'll do:

Put chips in a small bowl, and microwave for 20-30 seconds at a time, stirring in-between until it's smooth.  Add in butter cut up a little and stir stir stir until it is all melted together.  Add in coconut, stir again.  Spoon into my cute little heart shaped silicone tray that I just picked up at the Dollar General Store.

This made 15 small hearts.  I had some left over, so I put in some cupcake liners inside my cupcake pan and made 5 more-they are about the size of a peanut butter cup.  Sprinkled a little salt on them, stuck them in the freezer for a few hours.

They are So-So-So GOOD.

The recipe came from, and the book states that this recipe makes 8 candies, 2 candies per serving at 1.4 net carbs per serving (165 calories, 13.9 fat, 3.9 protein, 4.4 carbs, 3.1 fiber).  Since mine made 15 plus those extra 5 I have no idea how many carbs they are, but I would say they are low ;) 


Keto Check-in Week3

 Keto check-in week three.  Below are my states:

Week Three

5.2 pounds down
-1/4 inch neck
- 1 1/8 inch bust
same arms
same waist
1 1/2 inch hips
same thighs

How I am feeling?

This week has been a bit of a struggle for me, only because I am sick of cooking.  I am still cooking but I am tired of it.  I want to just have my husband bring something home.  No one in this house helps do anything, unless nagged about it 100 times.  So I feel a bit put upon on the daily.  When I am in the middle of cooking, one of them will come out sometimes, all disheveled from laying in their bed texting on their phone and walk over slowly, sniffing asking mmm what's for dinner?  This for some reasons pisses me off.  I am equally annoyed when they come out of their rooms when I say dinner is ready, looking like they just got up from a fucking nap.  I want a fucking nap!  One thing I read was you were supposed to have improved mood during KETO, and it is true-I do feel less annoyed but the things that annoyed me before-like that, still annoy me just as bad.  I am happy with my progress this week, though I have to stop weighing myself every single day, it can be disappointing if you wake up on weigh in day and are more then you were the night before.

I did add a probiotic to my routine, started that yesterday.  I guess it can take a while to feel the affects of that-so fingers crossed that was a good decision.  I am getting better at getting enough fat into my diet, though I seem to be getting them mostly from nuts since I can't seem to stomach lots of grease and dairy.  I am not sure why though, I just wake up in the morning and turn my nose up at eggs, cheese and meat.  So I have been doing an almond milk shake.  Though I think this morning I am going to try my hand at doing a veggie smoothie, wish me luck .

What I ate this week?

As mentioned above, a lot of breakfasts were skipped and I just had a shake.  But when I did eat I had a Keto German Pancake with homemade Blueberry Syrup, White Bread Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich, Egg, Sausage & Strawberries & cream, Pancake Breakfast Sandwich with Egg and Canadian Bacon

Skipped some lunches and just had a gross dinner, but when I did eat I had Salmon Salad over Fresh Spinach, Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups & Pork Skins, Simple Salad, 1/2 low carb wrap with Ham & Cheese, Pork Skins

Sausage, Peppers & Cheese with Roasted Radishes, Bun less burger from Wendy's, Beef Brisket from Sonny's & Green Beans, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Cajun Foil Packet Chicken and Veggies, Baked Cod with Hushpuppies & Green Beans, Cheeseburger Mini Meatloaves and salad

Keto Krack. Coconut Chocolate Candy, 

Keto Kandy!

Sadly, I cannot give credit where credit is due because I have no idea who the original person that created this recipe is.  I saw it on Tiktok late at night one evening, and it was something a friend made the poster.  I couldn't find it when I was searching for it again-but lucky for me I did have my notebook on me and did jot down the ingredients so I could try it later.  So yesterday, I gave this "Keto Crack Candy" a shot....and it's GOOD, it's sweet!!!  It's really really sweet.  (click here to download the recipe)

What you'll need:

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup brown sugar alt of your choice
1/4 cup powdered sugar alt of your choice
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup of chocolate chips (I used white chocolate and dark chocolate Bake Believe chips)

Melt your butter in a pan, after melted add in your sugars and stir and watch until boiling and getting thicker.  Add in nuts (you can use what you want I am only listing what I used because that is what I had on hand).  Stir around for a few mins.  Pour mixture into a parchment paper lined 9x9 pan and smear around.  Top with chips, put in the fridge for a few hours until cool and firm.  Break apart and enjoy!

Let me know if you love it or hate it.


Keto Check-in Week2

Keto check-in week two.  Below are my stats:

Week Two

4.4 pounds down
- 1/2 inch neck
- 3/4 inch bust
no change on arms
no change waist
- 1 1/4 hips
same on thighs

How am I feeling?

Hmmmm good question, I think I am feeling okay.  Mid-week turned into shark week, so I am just not happy in general.  It seems my hormones are leveling out and my periods are starting to become regular-they were not before.  I love the progress I am making, though I didn't loose as much as I did when I first started.

I have experimented with some recipes and even made a cake (mini bunts) they turned out great, and Olivia loved them.  Billy even loved it, and he is weird about the almond flour-and so am I if I am honest. I bought a big bag that was supposed to be extra fine-but it is grainer then the fine flour I have.  I may see if I can sift it myself and get it a little finer.  I'll keep you posted on that.

I find myself missing snacks, crunchy stuff.  I love crunchy food.  I did finally try pork skins.  The idea of what it is grosses me out and I have a hard time stomaching it.  I saw on TikTok you can air fry some low carb tortillas and make chips, so I am going to try that.

What I ate this week?

Eggs and Bacon
Didn't eat some days (wasn't hungry)

Chaffle, Steak & Cheese Sandwich
Left over Steak, Zucchini & Mushrooms
Small Salad with Ranch
Didn't eat some days (wasn't hungry)

Steak, Zucchini & Mushrooms
Crustless Pizza
Chicken Wings and Cauliflower "Mac" and Cheese
Smoked Pork Tenderloin
Beef stroganoff over green beans
Crispy Chicken Thighs and Steamed Broccoli topped with Parm
Chef Salad

Cheese sticks
Mini Bunt Chocolate Cakes


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