Friday, September 11, 2020

First Week of School

This may turn into one of those rambling blog posts, so please look away if you are not into mom ranting.  I personally am not into mom ranting either, but here I am - trying to write a follow up post to my week of being back at school and doing it, with three kids-while also working from home.

I am sure the burning question of the hour is, was this week easy?  The answer is no.  You may also want to know if anyone had fun, also no.  One child couldn't remember anything, not even the alphabet while the other cried (real tears) that he was stuck at home (he's a homebody) doing virtual learning and last but not least you have the carefree kid saying "oh my teachers haven't assigned any work today..." he is the luckiest kid on this plant, because the crying one had TONS of work to do!  Go figure.

So, this week has sucked.  I have yelled, people have cried (yes more then one-none of which was me), and my office has went from being a peaceful place to being a classroom.

It's okay though, it's just going to take some time to get into a good rhythm again.  By today, things have gotten better.  Though my patience are just shot. I am ready for a carefree weekend.  And that is exactly what is in store.

I don't know how people do it.  I just don't.  My house is a mess, I can't (or don't want to) cook anymore because I am exhausted at the end of my work/school day and I literally get ZERO moments alone, though one of my brats did say "well you get peace when you're asleep..." and he's not wrong - but still COME ON.  I am tired. I am old.  I am done.  (for the day) lol back at it on MONDAY!

xoxo, Lela


  1. This tickled me. I feel every word. You guys should come over.

  2. This tickled me. I feel every word. You guys should come over.