Hi Hypocrite.

It baffles me when someone preaches kindness and acceptance for all in one sentence and then spews hate towards someone who doesn't believe the same things they do the next?  Acceptance is acceptance.  I don't think this devoted Christian actually knows what acceptance is, or what love is.

If you love people, then you love them.  Period.  If you are kind towards people, then you are kind towards people. Period.  If you are forgiving, then you are forgiving. Period.  If you have an open heart, then you have an open heart. Period.

You can't just preach about having all these wonderful traits one day, and then spit in the face of someone who simply doesn't want to vote your way, or agree with your politics, religion, economics, and so on and so forth.

To get and receive love, you must show love.  The same goes for respect, and you may not know it - but people see the hypocrisy.  And they may not say anything, and may not ever say anything - but they SEE it!  Let me say that again, PEOPLE SEE YOU'RE A LIAR AND A FAKE.

Bless your heart.



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