Friday, June 19, 2020

O has feelings.....

I hate it when one of my kids are hurting, or are feeling confused and there is literally nothing I can do about it.

Yesterday evening, Miss O gets off the phone with her Bio-mom and I can see she's been crying.  I ask her what is the matter and she said that she had talked to her mom about how come she takes her baby brother to daycare and drives him and picks him up but she doesn't do it for her.

What can you even say to a child about that?  I said, well what did she say.  O said that she just said that she couldn't because it would cost her to much money.  In her mind, I could tell she doesn't understand how come she'd spend the money for one child and not the other.

I had to take a moment to think of my next words, as I don't like to express my feelings if I am upset with another adult, especially an adult that my child loves so much.  I simply told her that her mom makes choices that are best for how her life is, just like me and dad do......but just because she doesn't get you every other week & take you to daycare, or take you to school and pick you up doesn't mean she doesn't love you.  It doesn't mean she doesn't love you as much as the little brother. It just means she can't, at this time.  And how lucky she is that dad and I can.  She smiled, but you could see her heart was still heavy.

I gave her extra lovings and we watched a chick-flick.

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