Week 9?

Has anyone else done any social distancing socializing?  I'll admit that we have visited my mom twice and my dad once since the pandemic and the stay at home order.  Now, we are keeping our distance from each other-no hugging or getting close-sitting outside (in the sun) but we've been around each other for a few hours now that Florida is "open".

We are heading into week 9 being at/working from & learning from home.  It has its challenges, and we have really been on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions.  When we first were home, we were really 100% on board and thought about all the fun we'd have been at home, finally-a place we hardly get to be at.....spending sometime together, getting the house in order.

The next week, I was still sort of in euphoria.  But after that, a freaked out for a few weeks as I noticed I wasn't getting anything done at the house I wanted to-even when I wasn't working.  I couldn't figure out how to balance my time at home and my time at work-I was doing work all the time, always looking at my phone/tablet (emails).

But now that we seem to be winding the month down, I am much more at peace.

I am sure more people have felt this way too.  It's hard to be the all and everything for everyone.  But here we are mamas, doing just that right?

Mother's Day is fast approaching. I look forward to a day of being pampered lol :)



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