Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hot at Home

This has been a hard week.  Sunday our AC took a crap, and stopped cooling the house.  In Florida, a working AC is kind of a must especially during the very hot summer months.  We had someone come out to look at it, and got some quotes just waiting now to get it fixed.  I wish it was right now, though the house is cool at the moment-I know as the sun comes up and we creep into the warm part of the day it's just going to get hotter and I will be more miserable.  Oh and the kids, they will be miserable too.

I can tell you one thing, I am not cut out for this heat at my age-makes me wonder why people move here when they get older. Maybe I wouldn't be cut out for the cold even more-I am not sure, but I would like to be cold right now that is for sure.

One of the things we've been doing is setting up fans and when we get too hot, so hot that our heads are throbbing we spray ourselves with cold mist.  It helped a lot yesterday, so hoping it will help today too!

We could pack up and go move to my moms for a few days, but we are being put through the run around every single day waiting for them to "show up", waiting for someone to "make a decision".  I am about over it and about to lose my SHIT!'s already in the 80's inside the house!  Booo!

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