Monday, May 25, 2020

Heat of Summer

We had a pretty rough week last week, our AC broke on Sunday & we finally got it up and running on Thursday!  It was a long-hot week.  I am sure you can appreciate having an AC in the middle of May-in Florida!  It's like basically all you've ever wanted or needed.

After a hot week, we finally were cooled off and able to do some house chores (because who wants to clean inside a house that is 90 degrees?  Olivia cleaned her room herself, and we were so proud of her we had to take a photo.....I know it's not perfect but it's darn good for a kid who hates to clean her room!

When I wasn't working I did try out my hand at some smash (with a hammer) floral art.  The first is some marigolds and the second is some parsley!  They are not perfect, but not bad for my first try!  I cannot wait to try it again on some nicer paper!

And of course, in the heat of the summer a girls gotta do what a girls gotta

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