Full Stop

It's hard to have a tender-hearted child, especially when they are slightly self-centered (like most children).  They get their feelings hurt so quickly, and mostly by the people they love the most in life.  Adults should know better, they should know the triggers their children have and really work to avoid hurting their children at all costs.  Not rub their noses in things-knowing it will hurt them.

I am not a fan of adults that make excuses for their bad behavior either.  Just fess up, don't make stuff up to make yourself look better or to pass the blame on to other people.  Just say you forgot, or you didn't want to do it don't say, oh well I tried-sorry about your luck-knowing good and well you did not try.

Life is to short to not just be honest, and kind.  That's all I want from everyone in my life to be honest and kind.  Is that too much to ask for?


  1. Poor kid! I hope the person responsible can grow up. But that is wishful thinking.


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