Forty Seven

Well, tomorrow I turn 47 years old.  It's so weird to be so much closer to 50 then I am 25.  Things I've done in my life I am proud of/or happy I was able to do:
  • raise my children
  • travel and visit England
  • be an adult when my Grandparents passed (still have one on this beautiful earth)
  • being friends with my mom and adult daughter
  • staying at a job for almost 30 yrs (and about to retire)
  • being married for almost 10 yrs (not my first marriage obviously)
  • learning to love me
Things I regret:
  • Nothing.  Why bother!?  Nothing can be changed.

Things I hope to accomplish in my next 47 years:
  • meet Felix and visit with my Portland family!
  • buy a boat
  • buy a new home
  • grow a garden, not in a pot
  • raise some livestock
  • have a Yorkie
  • ride horses with my mom
  • visit the Keys, Grand Canyon, and my Grandma Haug
  • spend as much time with my family as possible



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