Heat of Summer

We had a pretty rough week last week, our AC broke on Sunday & we finally got it up and running on Thursday!  It was a long-hot week.  I am sure you can appreciate having an AC in the middle of May-in Florida!  It's like basically all you've ever wanted or needed.

After a hot week, we finally were cooled off and able to do some house chores (because who wants to clean inside a house that is 90 degrees?  Olivia cleaned her room herself, and we were so proud of her we had to take a photo.....I know it's not perfect but it's darn good for a kid who hates to clean her room!

When I wasn't working I did try out my hand at some smash (with a hammer) floral art.  The first is some marigolds and the second is some parsley!  They are not perfect, but not bad for my first try!  I cannot wait to try it again on some nicer paper!

And of course, in the heat of the summer a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.....lol

Full Stop

It's hard to have a tender-hearted child, especially when they are slightly self-centered (like most children).  They get their feelings hurt so quickly, and mostly by the people they love the most in life.  Adults should know better, they should know the triggers their children have and really work to avoid hurting their children at all costs.  Not rub their noses in things-knowing it will hurt them.

I am not a fan of adults that make excuses for their bad behavior either.  Just fess up, don't make stuff up to make yourself look better or to pass the blame on to other people.  Just say you forgot, or you didn't want to do it don't say, oh well I tried-sorry about your luck-knowing good and well you did not try.

Life is to short to not just be honest, and kind.  That's all I want from everyone in my life to be honest and kind.  Is that too much to ask for?

My Jessica.

It's hard watching your family go through difficult times, especially when there is no way you could possibly help them.  All you can do is listen to them and offer a shoulder to cry on, a warm meal and a safe bed if they need it.

When you are in the middle of an unhealthy relationship, everything is unhealthy.  You are, your children are, your parents are.  The relationship you have with people is strained, and not just people outside the home but the people inside your home too.  You struggle to connect with your children because you are in an abusive relationship and you cannot see clearly.  You are in a constant state of "fixing", apologizing, fighting, or just picking up the pieces.  Sometimes you fall into this type of relationship because you witness it in your own life, prior to being married and having children.  There is no good excuse for allowing abuse in your home-but the mind is sick and unhealthy just like the relationship, just like the person causing the pain.  The sickness runs deep and is contagious.  It takes a strong person to say, enough and to no longer care that everyone is going to know what you've been dealing with-what your children have been dealing with.  Judging you for not leaving sooner, or for leaving at all and not fighting harder.  You have to remove the pride, remove the anger, and remove the sadness just to get through every single day after you leave.  To get healthy, to not be "sick" anymore and for your children not to be sick anymore.

My sister Jessica (www.myjessicalife.com) has broken the cycle of violence in her unhealthy home.  The evening that she made that decision was frightening and painful for not only her, but her two young daughters.  They had to flee their home for safety.  Something I know all about, doing that myself back when my two oldest children were very young.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my baby sister for breaking her chain and the chains of her girls.  Way to go beautiful girl-there you go now!!

Hot at Home

This has been a hard week.  Sunday our AC took a crap, and stopped cooling the house.  In Florida, a working AC is kind of a must especially during the very hot summer months.  We had someone come out to look at it, and got some quotes just waiting now to get it fixed.  I wish it was right now, though the house is cool at the moment-I know as the sun comes up and we creep into the warm part of the day it's just going to get hotter and I will be more miserable.  Oh and the kids, they will be miserable too.

I can tell you one thing, I am not cut out for this heat at my age-makes me wonder why people move here when they get older. Maybe I wouldn't be cut out for the cold even more-I am not sure, but I would like to be cold right now that is for sure.

One of the things we've been doing is setting up fans and when we get too hot, so hot that our heads are throbbing we spray ourselves with cold mist.  It helped a lot yesterday, so hoping it will help today too!

We could pack up and go move to my moms for a few days, but we are being put through the run around every single day waiting for them to "show up", waiting for someone to "make a decision".  I am about over it and about to lose my SHIT!  Uggggg....it's already in the 80's inside the house!  Booo!

Social Sunshine

Everyone knows we've been stuck inside, you've been stuck inside too.  #saferathome right?  As the world opens back up, we venture out a little bit.  Did a little social distancing at Shired Island today.  Put on plenty of sunscreen, even wore a sun shirt and jeans most of the day to keep my delicate white (burnable) skin from getting too much!  Worked out great and I had a wonderful, relaxing time!  I won't keep going on and on, but the fellas did a little fishing and then we took the boat to a little private island and had some lunch and soaked up the sun and fun!  I cannot wait to go back with the kiddos.

Forty Seven

Well, tomorrow I turn 47 years old.  It's so weird to be so much closer to 50 then I am 25.  Things I've done in my life I am proud of/or happy I was able to do:
  • raise my children
  • travel and visit England
  • be an adult when my Grandparents passed (still have one on this beautiful earth)
  • being friends with my mom and adult daughter
  • staying at a job for almost 30 yrs (and about to retire)
  • being married for almost 10 yrs (not my first marriage obviously)
  • learning to love me
Things I regret:
  • Nothing.  Why bother!?  Nothing can be changed.

Things I hope to accomplish in my next 47 years:
  • meet Felix and visit with my Portland family!
  • buy a boat
  • buy a new home
  • grow a garden, not in a pot
  • raise some livestock
  • have a Yorkie
  • ride horses with my mom
  • visit the Keys, Grand Canyon, and my Grandma Haug
  • spend as much time with my family as possible

Cold Tub

Olivia picked out a blow-up pool for me (her) for Mother's Day this year.  I did spend some time in it with her if I am being honest.  It's like a giant cold still hot tub (cold tub).  If the weather warms up today, I may take another dip (sit) today!

These photos are not great, but ya know-they are what they are, how great of photos can you have in the bright sun and you cannot even see what you're doing?  It does reflect our day though-which was fun!

Week 9?

Has anyone else done any social distancing socializing?  I'll admit that we have visited my mom twice and my dad once since the pandemic and the stay at home order.  Now, we are keeping our distance from each other-no hugging or getting close-sitting outside (in the sun) but we've been around each other for a few hours now that Florida is "open".

We are heading into week 9 being at/working from & learning from home.  It has its challenges, and we have really been on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions.  When we first were home, we were really 100% on board and thought about all the fun we'd have been at home, finally-a place we hardly get to be at.....spending sometime together, getting the house in order.

The next week, I was still sort of in euphoria.  But after that, a freaked out for a few weeks as I noticed I wasn't getting anything done at the house I wanted to-even when I wasn't working.  I couldn't figure out how to balance my time at home and my time at work-I was doing work all the time, always looking at my phone/tablet (emails).

But now that we seem to be winding the month down, I am much more at peace.

I am sure more people have felt this way too.  It's hard to be the all and everything for everyone.  But here we are mamas, doing just that right?

Mother's Day is fast approaching. I look forward to a day of being pampered lol :)

Friday Wrap-up

Week 7 of working from home and week 6 of distance learning (homeschooling).  What are my thoughts about this week?  I have none, I am numb and feel like doing nothing but watching Lifetime and drinking wine.  I swear I am going to come out of COVID19 fatter and depressed from watching so much crap on LMN.  Oh the drama.

Let's see, Olivia finished up her second packet of work this week.  It's due on Monday, and we'll pick up her last packet that is due May 28th - and after that, she is on Summer Break!  Whoo-hoo!  I wish I could take the summer off too.  And do what you ask, who knows?  Apparently starting Monday parts of Florida will open back up, so maybe the parks will be open and we can at least do something fun when I'm not at work that doesn't just involve our back yard.

You'd think I would have embraced this more, being home since retirement is just around the corner.  And perhaps I would if I could get out and do something when I am not working or teaching, I'd like to be able to walk through the stores like I had all the time in the world, and pace down the plant isles at Lowes for hours picking the perfect plants.

Soon I know, I know the world is slowly opening back up!  Slowly!

Cute kid; being daring in the FRONT yard for a walk!


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