Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Rug-YES!

One of the most interesting things about being "safe at home" is that you are "bored at home" at times, and you may shop to improve your surroundings.  One thing I am slightly obsessed with is curtains, pillows, and rugs.  Yeah, it's weird I know but it's my thing.

Going back a few weeks (a month) a co-worker and I were chatting about rugs and she told me about some nice ones she got on Amazon, that didn't break the bank!  So, I looked into the brand she was telling me about-found one I liked and ordered it.  I even ordered a big one, 8x10 WHAT?

I wasn't expecting much for $120 but with Maggie's review, I was hopeful!

I wasn't disappointed, what a great rug!  I love it.  Thank you Magster!  

oh and I got these awesome curtains too :)

You can get the rug here and the curtains here

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