Monday, April 06, 2020

Home Schooling 101

So my advice for Homeschooling/Distant Learning during rules.  Sure we have a schedule, but we change it every day to suit our daily needs.  We wear what we want, which is always comfortable.  Sometimes we don't brush our hair & sometimes we just need to draw in the iPad to have a break, and we do take plenty of breaks.  We have rearranged the office/classroom four times before we finally got a set up we both like and are comfortable in.  Every day, we are not only learning how to read, write, poetry, art, mathematics and language. But we are learning how to work and learn in one space together, we are learning to be at home all day and all night. We are learning more about cooking, baking and growing veggies.  We are learning about music, and blaring it when whenever we can, and dancing wildly when we need to just move.

I am excited what else we can learn together.

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