COVID19 and US at HOME

I am going a little stir crazy, kids are out of is closing we will be spending lots more time at home.  Olivia and I decided to go into town and brave the plant store to get some yummy herbs (about the only thing I can grow) and a few food plants (tomatoes and strawberries).  I need to go back and get some squash and two more herbs though (mint and dill) to make my heart totally happy.  If I could grow some potatoes and onions I think I'd just live the best life, I love potatoes & onions!  My favorite food ever actually!

Anyway-here is the start to our little herb and food garden (growing everything in pots).

 (sweet basil, lavender, German thyme, curly parsley, rosemary)

 (candyland tomatoes)

 (strawberry-duh) lol 

(cute little owl-ow-just kidding aloe)

I'll keep you posted if we are good at this garden stuff...even if it is a tiny porch garden with only two food plants thus far.....don't judge :) 



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