Tuesday, November 05, 2019

WW Sides Ideas, Part 1

I have the largest time with figuring out what sides to have with what.  Or just what sides to have in general.  You'd think it would be easier, because it's just veggies-but my mind just cannot wrap my head around not having potatoes or rice, I suppose.  It's the way I was raised, eating items from every food group.

I decided to write a blog post with some sides ideas, that I can refer back to....here goes.....

  1. corn on the cob
  2. Italian peas
  3. roasted broccoli
  4. roasted green beans
  5. Brussels sprouts
  6. roasted carrots
  7. asparagus
  8. riced cauliflower
  9. acorn squash
  10. zuccini
  11. roasted cherry tomatoes
  12. yellow squash
  13. butternut squash
  14. strawberry balsamic salsa
  15. sugar snap peas
  16. salad
  17. tangy coleslaw
Most of these can be made zero points, or just a few if adding some sort of fat to them, or cheese (like on the Brussels sprouts (mmm).

One thing I have learned is that roasted veggies are amazing, I thought I would just go to heaven on the spot when eating roasted broccoli for the first time.

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