So WW rolled out a new program recently, and you get to pick which one works best for you:

Green (100+ zero point foods) the most points to "spend"
Blue (200+ zero point foods) most like freestyle with a moderate amount of points to "spend"
Purple (300+ zero point foods) the least amount of points to "spend", I get a mere 25 points a day.

Having said that, I did pick the purple plan-because it worked the best with my lifestyle and that of the families.  It still forces you to make good choices in your food choices and most specifically snacking since those points will be used mostly for snacking lol!

I will find it hard to eat whole wheat pasta and brown rice, but I have learned during my journey that spiralized veggies are amazing and so is riced veggies!  You really don't feel like you're missing out on much in that regards.

You know, I should challenge myself to eat an entire week using nothing but zero point foods!  That would mean I would need to drink my coffee black-hmmmm let me think about that for a moment, lol!  I guess I could always drink hot tea in the morning, I can stomach that with no sugar or cream.  I'll circle back to that at some point.

(photo of a 4 pt breakfast on purple (and blue) 6 pts on green - water poached egg on Sarah Lee 45 calorie bread with 1/2 table spoon of Earth Balance smeared on the bread).

I hope that I can be successful in this journey, it's a lot harder then I ever really imagined.  I love food so much!  And food really does love me, lol :D



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