Thursday, November 14, 2019

WW & Eating Out Around OUR Town

Well good morning, today I did a little research about what to eat while out and about that has low points, I read a few blogs but they points are not adding up in my app (purple).  So I am creating this little cheat sheet, basically for myself - but if someone else wants to use it that is fine by me - and I am only adding in food because I don't drink any of their "fat" coffee drinks, soda or juice.  I have water or unsweetened tea.  And I am really only adding items that I would actually eat to this list, since this is---well, my list haha.

I'll start with DD & DB because they are the closest to me at work :) Starbucks is in the BUILDING.

Dunkin' Donuts & Star Bucks

DD Hashbrowns - 4pts
DD Ham Egg and Cheese Wake up Wrap - 5pts
DD Egg and Cheese Wake Wrap - 5pts
DD Bacon Egg and Cheese Wake up Wrap - 6pts
DD Egg and Cheese on English Muffin - 9pts
DD Plain Bagel - 9pts
DD Ham Egg and Cheese on English Muffin - 10pts

SB Classic Oatmeal (no toppings) - 1pt
SB Classic Oatmeal with Blueberry - 3pt
SB Ham, Cheddar and Peppers Sous Vide Egg Bites - 7pts
SB Plain Bagel - 8pts
SB Butter Croissant - 8pts
SB Bacon and Gryere Sous Vide Egg Bites - 9pts
SB Bacon Gouda and Egg Breakfast Sandwich - 10pts
SB Fig and Chicken Spread Sandwich - 13pts
SB Sausage Cheddar and Egg Breakfast Sandwich - 14pts
SB Roasted Ham, Swiss and Egg Breakfast Sandwich - 15pts


0-5 points

Hash brown scramble bowl with grilled chicken (no potatoes) - 3pts

Grilled Chicken Nuggets (12) - 0pts
Chopped Egg Topping - 0pts
Fruit Cup (small or medium) - 1pt
Light Italian Dressing - 1pt
Buffalo Sauce - 1pt
Honey BBQ Sauce - 2pts
Regular BBQ Sauce - 2pts
Side Salad (no dressing) - 3pts
Chicken Noodle Soup (small) - 3pts
English Muffin - 4pts
Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 5pts

6-10 points

Egg White Grill - 6pts
Hash Browns - 8pts
Chicken minis (3) - 8pts
Hashbrown Scramble Bowl with grilled chicken - 8pts
Bacon, Egg and Cheese on English Muffin - 8pts
Greek Yogurt Parfait with-out Granola - 7pts (with granola 9pts)

Chick-fil-a Sauce - 6pts
Grilled Chicken Filet Salad (no dressing) - 6pts
Nuggets (8) - 6pts
Superfood Side (small) - 6pts
Waffle Potato Fries (small) - 9pts
Chicken Tortilla Soup - 9pts
Cobb Salad with Nuggets (no dressing) - 10pts
Mac and Cheese (small) - 10pts

11-15 points

Chicken Minis (4) - 11pts
Hashbrown Scramble Bowl - 11pts
Buttered Biscuit - 11pts
Chicken Biscuit - 15pts

Waffle Potato Fries (medium) - 11pts
Chicken Sandwich - 12pts
Spicy Chicken Sandwich - 12pts


0-5 points

Scrambled Eggs - 0pts
Egg White & Turkey Sausage Bowl - 5pts
Fruit & Maple Oatmeal (no brown sugar) - 5pts
Hash Brown - 5pts

Side Salad (no dressing) - 0pts
Apple Slices - 0pts
Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken (no dressing) - 5pts
Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken (no dressing) - 5pts

6-10 points

Egg McMuffin - 7pts
Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait - 8pts
Sausage Burrito - 8pts

Chicken Nuggets, 4 nuggets - 6pts
Small French Fry - 7 pts
Hamburger - 8 pts
Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 9pts
Cheeseburger - 10pts
Caesar McWrap with Artisian Grilled Chicken - 10pts

11-15 points

Hotcakes (no syrup) - 15pts
Apple Pie - 11pts
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles - 13pts (I have them take off the cheese for less points)
Sausage McMuffin with Egg - 14pts
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit - 14pts (I have them take off the cheese for less points)

Filet-o-Fish - 12pts
McChicken - 13pts
Bacon Ranch Salad with Buttermilk Crispy Chicken (no dressing) - 13pts
Bacon McDouble - 14pts
Quarter Pounder with No Cheese - 14pts


One thing to remember, at Subway is the cheese is 2pts a slice-so you can reduce the points by just not having cheese :)  These points are calculated wo/sauces (they can cost you-so look them up)

0-5 points

Apples - 0pts
Egg Patty - 1pt

Fresh Fit Oven Roasted Chicken Salad (no dressing) - 0pts
Fresh Fit Veggie Delight Salad (no dressing/cheese) - 0pts
Low Fat Vinaigrette Dressing - 1pt
Fresh Fit Turkey Breast Salad (no dressing) - 1pt
Fresh Fit Roast Beef Salad (no dressing) - 1pt
Fresh Fit Rotisserie Style Chicken Salad (no dressing) - 1pt
Fresh Fit Black Forest Ham Salad (no dressing - 2pts
Fresh Fit 6" Oven Roasted Chicken on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 5pts

6-10 points

Egg and Cheese on Flatbread - 9pts

Fresh Fit 6" Turkey Breast on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 6pts
Fresh Fit 6" Rotisserie Style Chicken on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 6pts
Fresh Fit 6" Roast Beef on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 7pts
Tuna Salad (no dressing) - 7pts
Fresh Fit 6" Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 8pts

11-15 points

Bacon Egg & Cheese on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 10pts
Bacon Egg & Cheese on Flatbread - 11pts
Steak Egg & Cheese on Flatbread - 11pts

Tuna on 9-Grain Wheat Sub - 12pts
Tuna on Italian Sub - 13pts


This place is the closest to our house, so it's easy for the husband to run in and run out :)

0-5 points

Apple Bites - 0pts

Baked Potato (plain) - 0pts
Grilled Chicken Patty Only - 0pts
Saltine Crackers (1pk) - 1pt
Lite Sour Cream - 1pt
Small Chili - 3pts
Jr. Hamburger Patty Only - 3pts
Large Chili - 5pts
Chicken Nuggets (4) - 5pts
Garden Salad (no dressing) 5pts

6-10 points

Breakfast Potatoes (small) - 7pts
Bacon Egg and Cheese Classic - 8pts
Sausage and Egg Burrito - 8pts
Artisan Egg Sandwich with Bacon - 10pts

Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 6pts
Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 7pts
Chicken Nuggets (6) - 7pts
Grilled Chicken Wrap - 8pts
Jr. Cheese burger - 9pts
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (half dressing) - 9pts
Small Fry - 10pts
Crispy Chicken Sandwich - 10pts

11-15 points

Breakfast Potatoes (large) - 11pts
Bacon Egg and Cheese on Croissant - 13pts
Bacon Egg and Cheese on Biscuit - 14pts
Artisan Egg and Natural Sausage - 15pts

Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger - 12pts
Chicken Sandwich - 14pts


Blackened Tenders - 5 for 1pt
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy - 2pts
Green Beans - 2pts
Red Beans and Rice - 5pts
Coleslaw - 5pts

Taco Bell

0-5 points

Mini Skillet Bowl - 4pts
Breakfast Soft Taco with Egg and Cheese - 4pts
Hashbrown - 5pts

Black Beans - 1 pt
Black Beans & Rice - 4pts
Soft Taco with Chicken - 4pts
Crunchy Taco with Chicken - 4pts
Crunchy Taco - 5pts

6-10 points

Breakfast Soft Taco with Bacon - 6pts
Breakfast Soft Taco with Sausage - 6pts
Grilled Burrito with Fiesta Potatoes - 9pts
Grilled Burrito with Bacon - 10pts

Cheesy Rollup - 6pts
Chips & Salsa - 6pts
Cinnabon Delights (2pk) - 6pts
Soft Taco with Beef - 6pts
Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes - 7pts
Cinnamon Twists - 7pts
Spicy Potato Soft Taco - 7pts
Bean Burrito - 8pts

11-15 points

Quesadilla with Bacon - 15pts
Quesadilla with Steak - 15pts
Quesadilla with Sausage - 16pts

Shredded Chicken Burrito - 13pts


So don't hate me, but we don't really have a lot of places to eat breakfast or fast food breakfasts that are going to be low in points.  Hardee's is a go to for my husband, but looking at the points today I can see that this will be a hard one for me to justify when using points-so may not be going back to this joint for a while.

0-5 points

Couldn't find anything

Chicken Soft Taco - 5pts
Chicken Hard Taco -5pts

6-10 points

Small Hash Rounds - 9pts

Chick Tenders (3) - 6pts
Small Hamburger - 8pts
Small Cheeseburger - 9pts
Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich - 9pts
Small French Fries - 10pts

11-15 points

Frisco Breakfast Sandwich - 12pts
Egg and Cheese Biscuit - 12pts
Breakfast Slider - 13pts
Loaded Breakfast Burrito - 14pts

Beer Battered Onion Rings - 14pts

& other places I like to go:


Roasted Corn Topping - 0pts
Fajita Vegetables Topping - 0pts
Black Beans - 1pt
Pinto Beans - 1pt
Lime Brown Rice - 3pts
Chicken - 3pts (donno why)
Steak - 3pts
Cheese Topping - 4pts
Sour Cream Topping - 5pts
Queso - 5pts
Carnitas - 6pts
Lime White Rice - 6pts
3 Taco Size Tortillas - 7pts (you just have to add in your toppings)
Burrito Size Tortilla - 9pts (this is why I get the BOWL)
Chips - 17pts (wowza)

So I normally get "burrito bowl, chicken, black beans, white rice, fajita veggies, corn, sour cream & cheese" for 19 pts-now mind you, I have not gotten this since I started WW-so I'd get the brown rice now and maybe lay off the sour cream/cheese (maybe do light or 1/2 to cut that down and make it a for 9pts (not bad)



0-5 points
Steal Cut Oatmeal with Almonds Quinoa and Honey - 4pts

6-10 points
Ham Egg and Cheese on Farmstyle - 7pts
Steel Cut Oats with Apple Chips and Pecans - 9pts
Steel Cut Oats with Strawberries, Pecnas and Cinnamon Crunch - 9pts
Chipotle Chicken Scrambled Egg & Avacado Wrap - 10pts

11-15 points
Bacon Egg Scramble Cheese Wrap - 11pts
Egg and Cheese on Brioche - 11pts
Bacon Egg and Cheese on Ciabatta - 12pts
Bacon Egg and Cheese on Brioche - 14pts
Steak and Egg on Everything Bagel - 13pts


0-5 points
Apple - 0pts
Banana - 0pts
Fruit Cup - 0pts
Ten Vegetable Soup (cup) - 1pt
Chicken Noodle Soup (cup) - 2pts
Slice of French Baguette - 4pts
Caesar Salad with Chicken & Dressing (half portion) - 5pts
Turkey Chili (cup) - 5pts

6-10 points
Half Steak and Arugula on Sourdough - 6pts
Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa and Dressing (half portion) - 7pts
Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken & Dressing (half portion) - 8pts (4pts without dressing)
Half Napa Almond Chicken Salad on Country Rustic - 8pts
Half Roasted Turkey and Avocado BLT Sandwich on Country Rustic - 9pts
Broccoli Cheddar Soup (cup) - 9pts
Creamy Tomato Soup (cup) - 10pts
Half Roasted Turkey Apple and Cheddar on Cranberry Walnut - 10pts
Autumn Squash Soup (cup) - 10pts

11-15 points
Half Toasted Tuscan Grilled Chicken on Ciabatta - 12pts
BBQ Chicken on Flatbread - 12pts
Half Cuban on Ciabatta - 13pts

One of my favorite things to get at Panara is a 2pick for lunch (easy enough) and the bacon souffle, which is 21 points.  I can get the cheese one for 19 points....but why bother-no more souffles for me.


0-5 points
Steamed Broccoli - 0pts
Black Beans - 1pt
House Salad (no dressing) - 2pts
Corn on the cob - 3pts
Southwest Chicken Soup - 3pts
Chicken Fajita's (no toppings that are not free)- 4pts
Side of Mexican Rice - 5pts

6-10 points
Classic Sirloin (no sides) - 6pts
Grilled Chicken Salad - 7pts
Sirloin with Grilled Avocado - 7pts
Ancho Salmon - 9pts
Margarita Grilled Chicken - 10pts
Mango Chili Chicken - 10pts

11-15 points
Lunch Combo-Boneless Wings (no fries) - 11pts
Loaded Mashed Potato - 12pts
Home-style Fries - 13pts
Lunch Combo-Tacos 1975 (no chips) - 14pts
Chicken Caesar Salad - 15pts
Lunch Combo-Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich (no fries) - 15pts

Olive Garden

0-5 points
Grilled Chicken on Garden Salad (no cheese/no dressing) - 0pts
Whole Grain Linguine - 0pts
Minestrone Soup - 1pt
Paste e Fagioli Soup - 2pts
Salad w/dressing - 4pts
Breadstick - 4pts
Grilled Salmon - 4pts
Chicken Fingers (app) - 5pts

6-10 points
Create your own Pasta Marinara Sauce - 7pts
Chicken Piccata (dinner) - 8pts (lunch portion is 7pts)
Chicken & Gnocchi Soup - 8pts
Chicken Margherita (dinner) - 9pts

11-15 points
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (lunch) - 11pts
Chicken Giardino - 11pts
Whole Wheat Linguine with Meat Sauce - 11pts
Zoodles Primavera (lunch) - 15pts
Cheese Ravioli (lunch) with Marinara - 15pts

So you can get the whole grain pasta with grilled chicken (0 points) add in marinara for 7 points (yum)

Texas Road House

0-5 points
Buttered Corn - 2pts
Herb Crusted Chicken - 2pts
Grilled BBQ Chicken - 2pts
Mushrooms - 2pts
Sweet Potato - 3pts
Fresh Veggies - 3pts
Grilled Salmon - 3pts
Sirloin - 4pts
Roll - 5pts / Butter is 4pts
Side Salad (no dressing) - 5pts
Mashed Potatoes - 5pts
Smothered Chicken with Jack Cheese - 5pts

6-10 points
Portobello Mushroom Chicken w/veggies - 7pts
Ranch Dressing - 10pts (wowza)
Chicken Critters - 12pts (with steak fries it's 19pts)

11-15 points
Side Caesar Salad - 14pts
Fried Catfish (3) - 15pts

Waffle House (breakfast only)

0-5 points
Scrambled Egg - 1pt per egg (with cheese 3pts)
Over Medium Egg - 1pt per egg
Hashbrowns - 2pts
Grits - 3pts
Ham - 3pts
Bacon - 5pts
Sausage - 5pts

6-10 points
Buttered Toast - 7pts for wheat & 8pts for white

11-15 points
Waffle - 16pts


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