Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Loom Knitting

Last November, while I was in Portland visiting my daughter, son-in-law & my brand new and first Grandson my daughter started to teach me know to knit.  I came back to Florida, with the loom knitting bug and made several hats and scarves.  I just knew the one stitch.  I even bought myself (and my daughter) a afghan knitting board.  Once winter went away, the the hot summer Florida weather set in-I put the yarn away & didn't pick it up again until recently, with the encouragement of my daughter.

I have used an entire skein of yarn on the loom, and am ready to take it apart and start over.  I do not like the one stitch that I know how to do and i do not like the thickness of it, I used two strands and need to really go back and do one so it's more light weight and maybe not so heavy!

I have taught myself a new stitch, and started practicing with a scarf loom to maybe make myself an infinity scarf.  If that turns out, I'll make more as gifts for all the lovely ladies in my life (that like scarves).

Knitting is a lot harder then I figured it would be, even on a loom.  I had to get the right tools, as I kept breaking my hooks.  Cheap yarn is hard to work with, but as a beginner I don't want to spend a small fortune on yarn.  I will keep going, as it really is something nice to do with my hands while I sit mindlessly in the evening, trying to relax and it does help with that-until I get a knot, then I loose my shit and my stress level goes through the roof, lol!

I am open to any advice, or if you have you tube channels you love-send them my way!

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