Sunday, September 22, 2019

Weekly Meal Plan - 09/23/2019

This weeks meal plan has all been planned out.  LOL!  I maybe should try to phrase that better.  This week, our meals will be:

Sunday: Chicken Pita's (Thanks to Every Plate)
Using the Every Plate recipe (and supplies) for this delicious meal.  Now we are short four potatoes, so we'll see how we can make it work-we all seem to fight over potatoes around here.  We all love them so.

Monday:  Pasta Night with french bread
I have not decided what type of pasta we will be having on Monday.  Once I get to the grocery store-I'll know more.  I want to look at the pasta and get my inspiration at the grocery store.  I'll also bake a homemade french loaf of bread for those wanting to enjoy a warm slice.

Tuesday:  Taco's (of course)We'll be making our traditional taco dinner (beef/turkey mixture) served with warm flour tortillas, hard corn shells, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cilantro rice, sour cream & cheese.

Wednesday: Chicken and Sour Cream RiceThis is a classic in our family, and really easy!  It consists of boneless skinless chicken breasts (or a rotisserie chicken), and chicken flavored Rice a Roni.  We will cook the chicken (boil) until cooked through and then follow the instructions on the RaR package, after it's all cooked we put in sour cream for an added creamy element-and that's it.

Thursday: Pork stuffed burgers with potato wedgesWe had this one week that the boys were not home, and well-it was that good that we want to share it with the kiddos.  So we'll be making this again just using the Every Plate recipe.  I hope I can make it as good, I've never bought ground pork before-so I don't really know what I am looking for.

Friday: Homemade PizzasThis is pretty self explanatory.  Olivia and I like veggie pizzas-so that will be super easy (mushrooms and onions for us) and pepperoni for the boys.

Saturday: Billy's chicken wings, homemade mac & cheese, roasted green beans
I'll have write out the recipe for Billy's bbq hot wings because they are delish-this will be the third time we've made them-they are certainly going into the rotation.

This meal planning stuff is no joke, it's hard to think ahead like this.  It's hard to commit to the plan and it's hard to go grocery shopping and buy all this crap.  This is week two, please someone tell me it gets easier!?


  1. All of this sounds so amazing. Could you post a receipe of the pork burgers?

    1. oh gosh, I'm so sorry-I am just seeing this Alice.....yes! Here is the link to the recipe for those burgers: