Friday, September 27, 2019

Who's socks are those?

Well, we got ourselves a wild one ya'll.  So here is the story....yesterday, while at work I get a call from Miss O's school, it's her teacher, frustration in her voice she asks me what time we dropped her off at school today.  I had no idea where this was going, but I let her know that she actually rode the bus today, and she sighs and begins to explain to me that she is going to have to send her to the office because she and her little friend showed up to class 15 minutes late again.

When her teacher asked each of the girls where they were, neither had an answer (or just wouldn't answer), but Mrs. B did know that they were found in the bathroom together, "doing God knows what".....she expressed.  Before she sent her to speak to the Mr. J, I did have a chance to talk to O.  She didn't have an answer for me to why she was roaming around on campus, just "I don't know....." was said to me over and over again, in a small meek voice.  Since this was the second time she has come to class late and been caught not being where she was supposed to be, I told her that she would be in trouble when she got home......

Fast forward to the evening and my darling daughter comes in the house, swiftly walking through the house towards her bedroom - passing by me I say "Hey girl....wait OMG who's clothes are those?"...thinking maybe she had an accident at school or something, heck it happens-she's six.  She doesn't answer me-just gives me the side eye and a "sad face", she just keeps walking quickly to her room crying a little.  But my husband, who was the one that brought her home from after school is walking through the door now and yells "THEY ARE J'S LELA, THEY SWITCHED CLOTHES IN THE F'IN BATHROOM, THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE DOING.  THEY CHANGED INTO EACH OTHERS CLOTHES, THEY CHANGE EVERYTHING LELA, EVEN THEIR F'IN UNDERWEAR & SOCKS!  WHAT THE HELL?".

I have to admit, I was a little speechless.  I mean, what?  I guess my husband saw the look on my face because he repeated himself "yeah, underwear, socks, shoes.....every single thing....I mean, look at the shoes, they are way to big...." at that point, I had to hide my laughter-keep it down because apparently the conversation with our sweet girl really pissed him off, he was HOT!  Y'all pray for that girl, lol-and pray for us!

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