Friday, September 13, 2019

T-Ball 2019

So, it's FALL BALL SEASON and Xander has finally aged out.  Weston has long aged out.  That only leaves one child left that is under the age of 15 in the house to have the opportunity to play baseball and have Billy as their coach and that is MISS O!  That's right, little sweet Olivia is now playing t-ball.

We had our first practice yesterday, and I sure didn't remember how crazy practices can be-as I stopped going long ago as the boys got older and as Billy started to coach I wasn't really needed.  I went to the boys practices of course when they were little because Billy worked nights & I didn't want them up there all by themselves with no adult (parent). they were 4 & 5.

Anyway, me being there was a bit of a distraction for little O-so I have been banned so won't be attending any more, however I did go to her first to make sure dad didn't need help!  I helped a little, especially with the kids that were waiting for their turn to do something as they were just all over the place.  Some of the kids in her group are 3 years old (what?).

All in all, it was crazy but it went well.  Olivia enjoyed it and she even helped out some of the younger kids.  Big love oozes out of her!

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