Friday, September 13, 2019

Happy One Oscar!

Today is Oscar's very first birthday [HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR] & this weekend (tomorrow) his mama and daddy will be celebrating this day with friends and family in Portland.  Grandma Lela (that's me) will be missing out on the festivities.  Living so far away can be hard, especially at these joyous little moments in your grandchild's life.  I sure wish I could be there to listen to his sounds of happiness as he opens gifts, and see if he'll be shy around everyone.  I sure wish I could stand near my daughter & watch her as she experiences this for the first time with her and her husband.

I hope that, well I know that, he'll have the very best day!  I know that is exactly what his mama and daddy will strive to give him as they do every single day.  I sure have enjoyed watching him grow up from afar over the course of his very first year on this gorgeous planet.  I have enjoyed every single photo, every single video, every single facetime, phone call or update.  I cannot wait to see what you do as a one year old!


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