Tuesday, August 27, 2019

WW-3 Week 2 Update

So week one on WW was really crappy.  I ate just about everything I normally ate and kept track of it despite the fact that I went over (even on my weekly points).  My  goal for the first week was to see how much my "normal" eating really stacked up to my weight loss journey-and truth be told it wasn't great lol (big shocker).  I knew it wouldn't be-but I really saw the areas that need to change.  I thought that cutting out a lot of red meats or processed meats would have helped me during my non-tracking days, but nope-it's not the problem.  So I only lost .6 pounds!  Yeah.  Not even 1 pound.  But hey, it's progress right?

Having said that, week two is going much much better.  I have changed a few unhealthy habits, I have a few more to switch up or at least cut back on but ya know, I am also a work in progress.

Celebrating the week like.....

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