Stitch Fix Review. Box 1

Well, I like so many others have seen ad after ad about subscription clothing companies, food companies, make up companies.  After some careful thought, I decided to try a few out.  I signed up to get a Stitch Fix box, Kidbox and Fab Fit Fun.  Today I am reviewing my first Stitch Fix box.

I have watched a view Vloggers prior to finally making up my mind about ordering a box for myself, and to be honest I was on the fence about it-much like the Vloggers I had been watching.

I wouldn't say that I was pleasantly surprised, but I wasn't totally disappointed.  I honestly felt a little like my box was built on some things that were left over, not really thought out just for me.  But I could be wrong.

So the items that I received in the box are:

41 Hawthorn - Karie Split Neck Blouse (off-white) & my review is that this top is very pretty & well made.  The fit was good-yet I am not keeping it due to the fact that it is to similar to what I already own & at $58 I do not see the value in owning this beauty.

41 Hawthorn Abrianna Long-sleeve Knit Cardigan (jewel tone) & my review of this cardigan that it has a nice weight to it & seems very well made.  The color is pretty & not something that I already own.  I am going to keep this even though its $38, normally I would try to find a lower price for something I am only going to wear to work.

 Mix by 41 Hawthorn Kallon Brushed Knit Hoodie (grey) & my review is that it is sooo sooo soft, but not a keeper either-I don't normally wear stuff like this & if it was a bit thicker I may have considered keeping it for winter this year.  $38

 Michel Studio Alex Straight Leg Pant (black) & my review of these is at first sight I didn't like them, I pulled them on and they fit so well that I changed my mind quickly.  Even though they are not talls they actually fit my long legs and have a very thick hem so if they shrink I can have them tailored to fit my length.  I don't already own a pair of pants like this, so I am going to keep these as well.  The photos do not do it justice  (sorry about that).  $68

Bay to Baubles Trevor Long Metal Teardrop Necklace (silver toned) & my review is that it's cute-but not a big necklace wearer - so this one won't be kept $28

Let me know what you think?  Overall I think they are nice clothing-I normally shop at places like Torrid, Lane Bryant & Anthropologie-so I am used to paying a little more for clothing-however, I always find great deals and I don't really feel like I am getting any sort of deal here-just paying full price for clothing I probably would have never paid full price for.  Will I get another box, I don't know-I will have to think about that one a bit.  I may give it another shot, but I doubt it.

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If you're interested in trying it yourself, click the link below:

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  1. Kind of expensive hu?

    1. Yeah, it is a little. I think I can get better deals on my own, when I am specifically shopping for the clothing I buy now isn't "cheap" I just buy them when they have really good sales :)