Meet the Teacher

Yesterday was Meet the Teacher day where my daughter goes to school.  She is starting the 1st grade this year and is rather excited.  Her teacher is young, sweet and seems to have lots of energy.  I am anxious to see how her personality meshes with sweet little O.  This particular "visit" to the school is special, in many ways-but for me personally it was difficult and nerve wracking.

For those of you that know my story, you'll understand why.  Yesterday was the first day, in 6 years that I've had to be face to face with Miss O's biological mom-just the two of us.  I thought it would be horrible, and I thought I'd act weird-and physically show that I was anxious, nervous and feeling awkward about the entire thing.  I never thought about how she'd be feeling-because when she asked if she could go to her Open House " you mind?"  And if the truth be told, I did mind.  I wasn't sure how it would all work-as I said before & how I would act or come off as acting.  I was nervous that O would pull away from me, and sort of treat me differently if it were the two of us standing there.  She sees me all the time, so I figured it would be only natural for her to be overly excited that here mom had come to this-and she hadn't seen her mom in two weeks at this point.  I was nervous that I would be jealous, or that she would be jealous if Olivia was hanging on me.  I was worried that she would cry when we went to leave, because she would want to go with her mom and not come home with me.  I'm not the fun every other weekend mom, I'm the strict mom that has to keep her in line every day.

O and I had errands to run, and since I took the entire day off I was trying to make good use of our time.  But my time management isn't the best-it seems so we got done with our errands faster then I originally designed & were at the school an hour and 15 mins before we had agreed to meet up.  I called and asked if she could make it sooner-and I didn't figure that would be an issue since she was getting off early-but I guess something came up and she was still in Gainesville.  O was pretty excited-so we sat in the car and waiting for the event to start & went ahead in went in to do the "not fun stuff"-filling out paperwork.  By the time I signed her up for after school, signed up to be a volunteer, talked to someone about PTO and filled out the registration papers, her mom had arrived (in the pouring rain).

Standing there with her at first was weird at first-but I think both our nerves relaxed a little and it wasn't to bad.  I surprised myself.

When we left the classroom-she walked O to the car and strapped her in.  O wasn't ready to say goodbye-poor thing.  But she gets to see her today-so she was happy about that.

We went home, did some more of her summer work, put some puzzles together, talked & talked...and played.  All in all-a good day!



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