Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Meal Planning

I am horrible at wanting to cook when I get home from work, and trying to figure it out stresses me out.  So I am going to try to learn how to meal plan for the week.  I have read a few blogs and decided that it cannot be that hard to meal plan, right?  I mean-why don't I do it already-I have no clue.....but I am about to find out.

I created a little calendar for myself, and learned a few tips.....

  1. Pick a day of the week to plan for the following weeks meals
  2. Create a grocery list from the planner/calendar
  3. Go to the grocery store & purchase items from your list (or use the cool Walmart Grocery pickup app) =====>CLICK HERE<=====
  4. Do the grocery shopping on a different day, to save yourself the hassel
  5. Cook the dinners that require the most fresh ingredients earlier in the week
  6. Starting out, being a beginner only prep for dinners the first couple of weeks.  Keep breakfasts & lunches repetitive.
  7. Put a star * on the days that dinner will be the most difficult to cook (and plan for that ahead of time with a freezer meal).
  8. Wish me luck.
I have no idea which week I will do this-maybe next week, maybe the week after but I'll figure it out and let you know ;)

oh and on the down low, I did sign up to get THREE meals next week with #everyplate.  I'll blog about that later too, haha......(shsssh)


  1. Ive been mwaning to try out a meal kit service let me know how it goes

    1. I certainly will! I hope it doesn't suck haha!

  2. How do you like that Walmart Grocery pick up app? I've been thinking about getting it and using it.

    1. I have mixed reviews. In general I do love it, because it saves me a trip into the store to buy large amounts of things on days that we need everything (flats of water, laundry soup, toilet get my point). The one in Lake City is pretty quick to come out with your items, the one in Gainesville that I've been to is hit or miss-mostly miss. They are slow, very very slow & seem very very unorganized. But all in all, I do love it.