Monday, August 12, 2019

First Day, 2019

Well, school is now back in session & the kids were pretty excited (even though you can't tell from the photos) to get back to school.  One cannot wait to learn, one cannot wait to see friends & one - well we are not sure what he cannot wait for lol.

I did my best to get first day photos-but with people who don't corporate it's hard-so here you go.

This first day of school happened to be Olivia's birthday too-so we made brownie cookie bars for her to share with her class...mmmmm


  1. man they sure are getting big hope they had a great day

    1. Thank you so much Jessica, they did have a great first day. This week has been stressful for mama though, and long-I am sure we'll all be worn out by tomorrow afternoon lol! I hope you're doing good.