Thursday, August 15, 2019

Adult Bullys

So like most moms, I took some cell phone pictures of the kids when they were dressed and ready for school, to memorialize the special day.  When I post these pictures, I of course never think about the fact that people are assholes and someone may end up sending me a message basically bullying my child.

Monday, I get a message from a "friend" on facebook saying "I know it seems early but we should wax/shape Olivia's gorgeous thick brows eeek".  It took me a day to respond because I really just wanted to say a lot of really ugly things followed up with a few cuss words - one of them starting with the letter F and ending in You! I'm sure you get my point.  But in the end, I acted like a lady and just responded "thanks for the suggestion, we probably won't be waxing her face at six years old though".  And just left it at that.  Well I thought I left it at that.

Tuesday, I get a message from a "friend" on facebook saying "you know, they make those Invisalign braces for kids now...." yeah no shit Sherlock.  I responded right away with this one, and said basically that her dentist didn't have an issue with her teeth - in fact he liked it when children had a gap because it gave more room for the big teeth to come in.  I'm just so----annoyed that people would take the time to reach out to discuss how she looks.  Like it was bothering them or something.

Look-we are aware that Olivia has bushy eye brows and a gap.  We are aware that eventually, she will get insecure about them - especially if one of these assholes happens to say something to her face to face and not just through me.  We have talked to her about her teeth and she has seen a dentist who did not refer her to an orthodontist.  We have talked to her eye brows when her brothers have teased her about having a unibrow and told her we would happily help pluck the few hairs between the brows.  But if you know her and know her face-you'll notice that there isn't really a lot of hair there-there is however some darker skin then the rest of her face-and the way her face was made seems to help define it when she is smiling or when her face is resting-she has very expressive brows.

We personally love these things about her and we want her to love these things about herself too.  We want her to be proud of who she is and how she looks, regardless of what YOU think needs to change.  All that matters is how SHE feels about herself.  Kids get enough shit from humans their own age, they damn sure don't need some grown ass woman or man expressing their uninvited, unwanted, unwarranted and bully ass opinion.

This is the photo that sparked the cyber bullies!

Please excuse the choker as well-I was also told that person number two was very concerned about it. I don't know why, I didn't ask-I simply said what I wanted to say about the braces and then deleted them and blocked them from social media.  I figure it was for the best, didn't want to bother them with horrible images of my sweet girl.

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