Meal Planning

I am horrible at wanting to cook when I get home from work, and trying to figure it out stresses me out.  So I am going to try to learn how to meal plan for the week.  I have read a few blogs and decided that it cannot be that hard to meal plan, right?  I mean-why don't I do it already-I have no clue.....but I am about to find out.

I created a little calendar for myself, and learned a few tips.....

  1. Pick a day of the week to plan for the following weeks meals
  2. Create a grocery list from the planner/calendar
  3. Go to the grocery store & purchase items from your list (or use the cool Walmart Grocery pickup app) =====>CLICK HERE<=====
  4. Do the grocery shopping on a different day, to save yourself the hassel
  5. Cook the dinners that require the most fresh ingredients earlier in the week
  6. Starting out, being a beginner only prep for dinners the first couple of weeks.  Keep breakfasts & lunches repetitive.
  7. Put a star * on the days that dinner will be the most difficult to cook (and plan for that ahead of time with a freezer meal).
  8. Wish me luck.
I have no idea which week I will do this-maybe next week, maybe the week after but I'll figure it out and let you know ;)

oh and on the down low, I did sign up to get THREE meals next week with #everyplate.  I'll blog about that later too, haha......(shsssh)

WW-3 Week 2 Update

So week one on WW was really crappy.  I ate just about everything I normally ate and kept track of it despite the fact that I went over (even on my weekly points).  My  goal for the first week was to see how much my "normal" eating really stacked up to my weight loss journey-and truth be told it wasn't great lol (big shocker).  I knew it wouldn't be-but I really saw the areas that need to change.  I thought that cutting out a lot of red meats or processed meats would have helped me during my non-tracking days, but nope-it's not the problem.  So I only lost .6 pounds!  Yeah.  Not even 1 pound.  But hey, it's progress right?

Having said that, week two is going much much better.  I have changed a few unhealthy habits, I have a few more to switch up or at least cut back on but ya know, I am also a work in progress.

Celebrating the week like.....


Okay, so I did a thing......I joined WW again & I am already suffering from it, haha.  Just kidding but seriously, I just want to eat what I want & slim down to the weight I want & just be comfortable in my own darn life (body/skin).

Ever since I had my fist child, I put on some weight.  The weight came on with the second child and the third child as well & yet never really went away.  As I have started to get older I fear that it will never go away, let's face it-Weston is almost 17 years old, the time for change is ....well now dammit.

This will be my THIRD time trying WW out.  The first time I did WW I think I did a pretty good job, lost about 30 pounds and then just-stopped.  Went to IL for a visit-didn't have service on my phone & didn't track anything-and never really got back into it.  I tried a few more times after that, but just couldn't find my groove.

But, the truth is-I am a fat girl.  My family will all say, omg no you're beautiful.  And I don't even know what to say to them when they say that.  I just want to say, I never said I was ugly-I said I AM FAT!  Look at it, look at the fat-it's there-hanging around like a bad meatloaf.

I get it, they think that if they agree then it may hurt my feelings-and hell it may, IDK....they have never tested that theory out.  But I also get when you truly love someone-unconditionally, you don't see things about them that they see about themselves.  Or you even rationalize it as, well I've seen fatter babe/mom.....IDK.

I look at my husband when he says he needs to loose weight or how much he hates his belly or hairline and I don't see what he sees.  I just see a person I love and care about.  So maybe that's it, but come on!  COME ON!  Don't fluff me off, say something like "well I think you should do what makes you happy and I am here to support you 100%"?

Anyway, long story short-I logged my food for the first time last night & I do plan on just eating/drinking normal for the rest of the week just to see what I've been doing to myself-though I did weigh out my dinner last night just to be on the safe side & eat things in portions!  So I get 36 points a day & I used 48.....woops!  LOL  I hope I get better as I gear up for it to REALLY start this Sunday!  Fingers Crossed :)

Adult Bullys

So like most moms, I took some cell phone pictures of the kids when they were dressed and ready for school, to memorialize the special day.  When I post these pictures, I of course never think about the fact that people are assholes and someone may end up sending me a message basically bullying my child.

Monday, I get a message from a "friend" on facebook saying "I know it seems early but we should wax/shape Olivia's gorgeous thick brows eeek".  It took me a day to respond because I really just wanted to say a lot of really ugly things followed up with a few cuss words - one of them starting with the letter F and ending in You! I'm sure you get my point.  But in the end, I acted like a lady and just responded "thanks for the suggestion, we probably won't be waxing her face at six years old though".  And just left it at that.  Well I thought I left it at that.

Tuesday, I get a message from a "friend" on facebook saying "you know, they make those Invisalign braces for kids now...." yeah no shit Sherlock.  I responded right away with this one, and said basically that her dentist didn't have an issue with her teeth - in fact he liked it when children had a gap because it gave more room for the big teeth to come in.  I'm just so----annoyed that people would take the time to reach out to discuss how she looks.  Like it was bothering them or something.

Look-we are aware that Olivia has bushy eye brows and a gap.  We are aware that eventually, she will get insecure about them - especially if one of these assholes happens to say something to her face to face and not just through me.  We have talked to her about her teeth and she has seen a dentist who did not refer her to an orthodontist.  We have talked to her eye brows when her brothers have teased her about having a unibrow and told her we would happily help pluck the few hairs between the brows.  But if you know her and know her face-you'll notice that there isn't really a lot of hair there-there is however some darker skin then the rest of her face-and the way her face was made seems to help define it when she is smiling or when her face is resting-she has very expressive brows.

We personally love these things about her and we want her to love these things about herself too.  We want her to be proud of who she is and how she looks, regardless of what YOU think needs to change.  All that matters is how SHE feels about herself.  Kids get enough shit from humans their own age, they damn sure don't need some grown ass woman or man expressing their uninvited, unwanted, unwarranted and bully ass opinion.

This is the photo that sparked the cyber bullies!

Please excuse the choker as well-I was also told that person number two was very concerned about it. I don't know why, I didn't ask-I simply said what I wanted to say about the braces and then deleted them and blocked them from social media.  I figure it was for the best, didn't want to bother them with horrible images of my sweet girl.

First Day, 2019

Well, school is now back in session & the kids were pretty excited (even though you can't tell from the photos) to get back to school.  One cannot wait to learn, one cannot wait to see friends & one - well we are not sure what he cannot wait for lol.

I did my best to get first day photos-but with people who don't corporate it's hard-so here you go.

This first day of school happened to be Olivia's birthday too-so we made brownie cookie bars for her to share with her class...mmmmm

Head Shot....(selfie style)

Which are we a fan of?

The Color?

The Black & White?


Model No More

So the time has come, that my sweet little O doesn't want to "model" for me.  What in the world will I do when my muse is difficult to work with, lol!  Some one please say a little prayer for me :)

Meet the Teacher

Yesterday was Meet the Teacher day where my daughter goes to school.  She is starting the 1st grade this year and is rather excited.  Her teacher is young, sweet and seems to have lots of energy.  I am anxious to see how her personality meshes with sweet little O.  This particular "visit" to the school is special, in many ways-but for me personally it was difficult and nerve wracking.

For those of you that know my story, you'll understand why.  Yesterday was the first day, in 6 years that I've had to be face to face with Miss O's biological mom-just the two of us.  I thought it would be horrible, and I thought I'd act weird-and physically show that I was anxious, nervous and feeling awkward about the entire thing.  I never thought about how she'd be feeling-because when she asked if she could go to her Open House " you mind?"  And if the truth be told, I did mind.  I wasn't sure how it would all work-as I said before & how I would act or come off as acting.  I was nervous that O would pull away from me, and sort of treat me differently if it were the two of us standing there.  She sees me all the time, so I figured it would be only natural for her to be overly excited that here mom had come to this-and she hadn't seen her mom in two weeks at this point.  I was nervous that I would be jealous, or that she would be jealous if Olivia was hanging on me.  I was worried that she would cry when we went to leave, because she would want to go with her mom and not come home with me.  I'm not the fun every other weekend mom, I'm the strict mom that has to keep her in line every day.

O and I had errands to run, and since I took the entire day off I was trying to make good use of our time.  But my time management isn't the best-it seems so we got done with our errands faster then I originally designed & were at the school an hour and 15 mins before we had agreed to meet up.  I called and asked if she could make it sooner-and I didn't figure that would be an issue since she was getting off early-but I guess something came up and she was still in Gainesville.  O was pretty excited-so we sat in the car and waiting for the event to start & went ahead in went in to do the "not fun stuff"-filling out paperwork.  By the time I signed her up for after school, signed up to be a volunteer, talked to someone about PTO and filled out the registration papers, her mom had arrived (in the pouring rain).

Standing there with her at first was weird at first-but I think both our nerves relaxed a little and it wasn't to bad.  I surprised myself.

When we left the classroom-she walked O to the car and strapped her in.  O wasn't ready to say goodbye-poor thing.  But she gets to see her today-so she was happy about that.

We went home, did some more of her summer work, put some puzzles together, talked & talked...and played.  All in all-a good day!


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