Friday, July 05, 2019

Tooth Fairy is going to Visit

Yesterday was Xander's State All-Stars Tournament Game.  We were in Live Oak for the morning (a very hot morning).  Billy's mom, both his sisters & my sweet nephew Ty and beautiful niece Grace were also braving the heat to watch his first game.  As the morning went on, Chrystal went to take a photo of our babies being sweet & she started laughing about Olivia's loose tooth-because apparently it was pretty obvious in the photo it was loose & ready to come out.
Now let's zoom in on that......haha I can't stop laughing about that darn tooth.....
about an hour later, we finally have the tooth out after a few tears, an almost melt down & needing to sit on me to recover from being threatened with me helping her remove it later at  IDK but having a tooth come out for a child is very traumatic.

but now, she is sleeping away in her bed waiting to wake up to see what the tooth fairy has left her for that sweet tiny little tooth.

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