Thursday, June 27, 2019

Strapless? Yeah so what!

So, a few years ago me and my cousin Nora and I would send each other funny snapchat photos, just being silly!  One day she asked me "are you naked?" lol the horror - NO SILLY, "I am wearing a strapless shirt"....she informed me that people do NOT wear strapless shirts anymore.  Now mind you, I don't and wouldn't wear one in public but this top was strictly something I wore to bed lol!  Well, sorry Cousin Nora, but your girl bought a new strapless top and she does plan on wearing it in PUBLIC!  The horror I know-now mind you-I will wear this beauty with a cardigan or my denim jacket (probably also out of style) but  yeah-apparently it is still fashionable!  lol-either that or I am just way out of the fashion loop.  Stranger things have happened.

Isn't she pretty?

& of course if you have a strapless top you should have a nice strapless bra.....another cute buy!

Anyway-speaking of stranger things SEASON THREE IS AIRING ON JULY 4TH BABY!  Yes!

and then with the Torrid cash, I got this for free :D

xoxo, Lela


  1. I don't care what anyone says, I think strapless dresses and tops are super sexy and fun. That top looks very flattering. Great buy!

    1. haha, well thank you....I personally like a good flattering top! We shall see-maybe I'll update the post later with a "selfie" wearing said top & bra! We shall see.....not much of a selfie person anymore.