Thursday, June 13, 2019

Clip On Happiness

My darling mom has agreed to watch Olivia during the weeks we are at work & the boys are not home to keep her.  This was her first week and she had a great time.  She apparently: picked veggies out of the garden, made lots of plastic and real dinners, played cards, colored, swam in the pool, helped papa pull weeds in the yard, rode around and checked on the cows in the cart, watched cartoons & movies, and played with Tizzie.  She came home with lots of stories about what her and maw talked about and all the fun she had.  She also came home with a little bag filled with little trinkets.  One of which were some clip on earrings she is rather proud of.

Look at my darling girl, showing off her treasures.  I love her, and maw so much!

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