June Poshmark Finds

As I gear up for July, I wanted to share with you the deals I got on Poshmark this month.  What have you found this month that is totally amazing?  There were so many different items I left behind in my "love" section.  I will circle back to them in July - don't worry!  LOL!  I guess I should also think about cleaning out my swim suit drawer and either giving away some of my other finds or re-posh them!

Catalina Other - Plus Size Black Floral Tankini Swim Top 2X

Swimsuits For All Other - Swimsuits For All NWT Shirred High Waist Skirt, 18

Ray-Ban Accessories - Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II sunglasses

Coach Accessories - Coach silver charm

Happy Poshing!  Check me out at @withlovelela on the Poshmark app!

xoxo, Lela

Strapless? Yeah so what!

So, a few years ago me and my cousin Nora and I would send each other funny snapchat photos, just being silly!  One day she asked me "are you naked?" lol the horror - NO SILLY, "I am wearing a strapless shirt"....she informed me that people do NOT wear strapless shirts anymore.  Now mind you, I don't and wouldn't wear one in public but this top was strictly something I wore to bed lol!  Well, sorry Cousin Nora, but your girl bought a new strapless top and she does plan on wearing it in PUBLIC!  The horror I know-now mind you-I will wear this beauty with a cardigan or my denim jacket (probably also out of style) but  yeah-apparently it is still fashionable!  lol-either that or I am just way out of the fashion loop.  Stranger things have happened.

Isn't she pretty?

& of course if you have a strapless top you should have a nice strapless bra.....another cute buy!

Anyway-speaking of stranger things SEASON THREE IS AIRING ON JULY 4TH BABY!  Yes!

and then with the Torrid cash, I got this for free :D

xoxo, Lela

Sir Oscar

I must be the worst luckiest Grandma to have such a sweet beautiful grandson!  I have got to be the worlds unluckiest Grandma because this little handsome fella lives all the way across the country from me.  I miss out on just about every aspect of his life, as he grows up into a young man.  I will miss it all.  There is Skye and there are phones but it's just not the same as being about to touch him, hold him, smell his sweet new skin & to kiss his plump little cheeks.  His mama gives me daily updates, but it's not the same as seeing these things with my own two eyes.  I hope to visit him soon!  I could spend a small fortune visiting him.

Spaghetti Squash-Spaghetti

So my sweet husband's sweet co-worker sent him home with two spaghetti squashes.....and I decided to cook one up for the two of us while he was at baseball practice tonight.

I cut it in half, scooped out the seeds-rubbed it with EVO, sprinkled on some salt & pepper and backed it upside down on a lined cookie sheet for about 45 mins.  Flipped it over, ran a fork all inside of it to get the "spaghetti" loose.  Add in some marinara on top of each (mixed it up inside the shell of the squash.  Topped it with vegetarian meat balls, mozzarella & Parmesan cheese.  Baked it again for an additional 20 minutes & voila.  Delish and kind of healthy, right?

xoxo, Lela

District Champs - Off to State

What a hot ass weekend, sitting out melting in the Florida heat was worth it to see my son and his team will districts in their 2019 All-Stars Tournament.  Off to state we go in Live Oak in just a few weeks.  This is our last year playing rec ball-so this is just amazing & what a great year we've had.

Oscar vs. Food

So look at this cute little young man!  Apparently, he sure does love eating-he must be related to me!  Oh yeah, he is - this is BABY OSCAR as he is so lovely called in our house - or Weston will call him MY BOY OSCAR!  I love it when my daughter shares photos and videos of him growing up, makes me feel like I am apart of his life.  They just moved into a new apartment, a really cute one too!  I cannot wait to visit them again soon!

Daddy Daughter Dance

I am late in posting this, but Olivia and her dad were able to enjoy a Father Daughter Dance this year, I didn't get a ton of photos-as I was not invited (for shame y'all right?)  But anyway, this litlte darling and her handsome daddy had a fantastic night.  She felt like a princess!  Ahhh.  I love it.

 aand her daddy took this one of her and her friend/enemy....these girls bicker a lot y'all lol

Summer Vibes

y'all-I bought a BIKINI, how I probably will never wear this in public because-well because of fat, and I am not one to show off that shit.  BUT!  It's so cute!

I had previously purchased this little cutie, but have not worn it yet-and I don't know why-it really is cute......may end up on Poshmark later, IDK

Floral Mesh Peplum One-Piece Swimsuit, MULTI, hi-res
Floral Mesh Peplum One-Piece Swimsuit, MULTI, alternate

2019 All Stars

One thing I am not, is a sports photographer.  I have always struggled taking photos of young children in a group that is this large-because they don't all just do what they are supposed to at the same time.  They all blink or get distracted if you are taking to long.  I literally took about 20 photos and this is the best one I could get of the 2019 Seniors All-Stars!  They have their first game on Friday, so despite not all of them paying attention-I'd like with wish them luck.

xoxo, Lela

ps.  as you can see, my child is paying attention and was in all the other photos too!  Good boy X.

Hubs & Mama

So we decided to go have breakfast this morning, and while getting dressed I thought maybe we should so pop over to see my husbands sweet mama.  Luckily she was home and didn't have plans, because we did have a fantastic visit.  She is just the sweetest little thing ever, such a loving and kind woman.  We are lucky to have her living so close to us, though I know she wishes we were closer-so close in fast she wants us to move in next door.

I am not going to lie, we have talked about it before & I honestly thought that is where we'd end up, living on family property - but the hubs really likes our little town, so not sure what the future holds for us in that regard.

Clip On Happiness

My darling mom has agreed to watch Olivia during the weeks we are at work & the boys are not home to keep her.  This was her first week and she had a great time.  She apparently: picked veggies out of the garden, made lots of plastic and real dinners, played cards, colored, swam in the pool, helped papa pull weeds in the yard, rode around and checked on the cows in the cart, watched cartoons & movies, and played with Tizzie.  She came home with lots of stories about what her and maw talked about and all the fun she had.  She also came home with a little bag filled with little trinkets.  One of which were some clip on earrings she is rather proud of.

Look at my darling girl, showing off her treasures.  I love her, and maw so much!


My sweet daughter has converted into Catholicism, well maybe converting isn't the right term.  She was raised a basic Christian.  We didn't go to church often, maybe a handful of times while she was growing up-however, she was taught to say Grace at the dinner table and a bedtime prayer.  So maybe saying she decided to be a devote Catholic is a more fitting way of explaining.

I love listening to her talk about her excitement towards things she has learned, prayers, her faith & of course the new amazing woman she has met since starting to attend church.

She kindly and graciously sent me a little package, and it came in the mail yesterday.

Look how truly blessed I am to have such a wonderful, sweet little spirit looking over me.  Love you babe.

xoxo, MOM :)

These Three

It is so hard to get good pictures of the kids lately.  One doesn't want to smile, one doesn't want to find clothes that are not stretched out and one is mostly cooperative.  My time with this is short, they are growing up so fast-the days go by and before I know it, it's been a year and I have not photographed the boys together with their sister, or the boys at all (they simply hardly allow it).  I am enjoying every second I can with them, but I want to photograph them too!  Soooo on our way to swim at Maw's house one day-we drove by the river and snapped a few of them!  Gosh they are a cute mess.


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