Awesome Panties

I generally have been purchasing all my underwear from JCPenney, or even Target.  Finally spent a bit of money and got some panties from Torrid and I was NOT disappointed.  These are by far my favorite panties EVER!  Love them so much!  I wish they had them in like 20 colors, I'd buy them all!

What do I love about them:

  1. They are super comfortable
  2. They are extremely soft
  3. They don't snag or cause friction when pulling on jeans
  4. They are PRETTY
  5. They are well made
  6. They have a nice solid hold, but not like a shaper panty.
  7. They are TRUE to size :) 
I think you should buy some won't be disappointed.

xoxo, Lela


I sure do love this childs wild spirit, and the wonder she has for the world.  She is so joyful and brings so much joy to everyone she meets.  This is simply a moment, in our yard-picking blackberries.  She was so happy to be doing that, so excited.  I wish I had that child like innocence still <3 .

xoxo, Lela

Love in the Eyes

I just love the way she looks at me, I can feel all the love in her eyes.  I can see she feels my love for her too.

xoxo, Lela

Flowers at UF

I have wanted to take some time, walk the campus of UF and just take pictures of the flowers and plants.  This one was growing right outside of Library West this week, in full bloom.  Gorgeous!

xoxo, Lela


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