Make Yourself Happy

So tonight, we grilled-which is something we don't to often during the summer because it's so darn hot.  I know that sounds crazy, but we do not have shade at our house-we basically live in a hay field, so it's extra hot and miserable when we try to grill out.  Anyway, we decided to grill out for some stupid reason and Olivia said she wanted to go outside with her she says "I'm going to get dressed so I can go outside with daddy while he grills!".

Home girl comes out dressed like this (leotard and high heels).

Do more of what makes you happy, I say!


One thing Olivia loves to do every year in the spring/summer is to pick the wild blackberries we have growing in the lot next door to ours. I shouldn’t say we have growing, the earth has growing and we are lucky enough to enjoy!

She has been bugging me every day to go check out all the bushes to see if there are any blackberries yet. Of course they are just now flowering, so we don’t have any yet-but I did take a walk around the property last night and we held hands and talked about all the yummy blackberries she would eat-once they came in.



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