Fit little Bits

So, how many people still have New Year resolutions?  I never really have ever had them myself, personally.  I always thought it was kind of silly to promise to get healthy - after 30 years of bad choices all of a sudden on one because who really lives up to their promise to one's self?

This year my husband bought me a Fitbit for Christmas.  Something I have been wanting for a really long time now.  For some weird reason, this watch makes me want to work out.  Last night, I literally walked on the Treadmill for thirty minutes-which is very unlike me at all.

So yeah, I have a NY resolution this loose 80 pounds the old fashioned way-through working out and eating healthier.  No weird shakes, or diets for me - sign me up for the normal thing.  Burning more calories then I bring in.......doesn't sound to hard-does it?

Let's see lol

xoxo, Lela



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