First Dentist Visit

Well, little Olivia had her very first dental appointment recently.  The last time I took her to the doctors, they wanted to get swab of her throat and she outright refused to open her mouth, and then when I finally talked her into it she opened her mouth slightly and was balling the entire time.  So needless to say, I was rather nervous about her appointment.

She did fantastic.  She was friendly, she was excited, she was cooperative.  And she got a clear bill of dental heath.  The hygienist told me that we were doing a great job on her teeth, and her flossing was fantastic.  This made Miss O very very happy.

So after she got her princesses toothbrush and goody bag from the dentist, we went to Hobby Lobby and did a little shopping and then went and had a yummy lunch with her brothers before finally returning home.

xoxo, Lela



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