Rogers Farm, 2018

Well, I survived Olivia's first field trip at Roger's Farm out in the middle of no place.  Despite, the bus getting to the school late, me loosing the bus and having to use google maps to get there, waiting in the sun for thirty minutes for the bus to arrive with my sweet child and not having a lot of time at the farm before we were caroled to lunch and the hay ride-it was a great day.

When we were leaving, Olivia said "I am so glad you came with me on this trip, and I am glad we get to leave." And so, I'd say that was a success :) 

Halloween 2018

I've never been one for celebrating holidays such as Halloween, Easter (baskets and hunting eggs), Valentines day - and am I missing any?

Due to that small little flaw in my design, my kids have missed out on it as well.  Sure I took them trick-or-treating a few times, but it wasn't a thing that I did every year (not even when I was a kid).  The boys are now 16 & 15 and time is running out on my youngest boys to enjoy such fun as trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving.

So, having said that-I, Lela Johnson, am going to pick up THREE pumpkins tomorrow for Olivia, Xander and Weston to carve!  That's right folks.  Not only that, I'll do it one better-I am also taking Olivia truck-or-treating on Halloween night!  WHAT?

Pictures to follow, I assure you!

xoxo, Lela

Picture Day

I am not one for paying for someone else to take pictures of my children, I personally feel like I do a better job at capturing their personalities.  This has been an ongoing "thing" for me as well since all the kids were small.

Last month, I did extensive cleaning of our personal papers and organizing the filing cabinet in my office.  I came across proofs of photos taken of Weston when he was in grade school, maybe first grade.  I never bought those pictures-as stated and explained above.  And for the first time, I felt some regret for not doing that.  Sure I have great, fantastic even, pictures of Weston's toothless grin - but these are different.  Maybe I am just feeling sentimental because he just turned 16.

But anyway, I did decide to buy some prints of Miss O this year, for her kindergarten year.  I cannot wait to see them!

Daddy got her dressed today (did her hair as you can probably tell), but Olivia picked out her outfit and bow.  I cannot wait to see these when they come home!

xoxo, Lela

p.s.  here are a few I took for my own personal kindergarten collection while at a photoshoot of my friend Brittney & her family

Falling Creek

Well, the boys all used to come with me for my photo sessions, I guess it is only natural for Olivia to come with me now......well at least a few times-because my "client" friend Brittney really wanted to meet are some of my favorites from our time together.


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