Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Rose Colored Glasses

Are there two sides to every story?  I certainly think so.

As I have gotten older, I really try to sit back and think about things that I say and things that I do-as I know that I live in a watchful, unforgiving, ungrateful, judgmental, disrespectful and easily offended world now.

Maybe the world was always like that, and I just didn't know because we didn't have social media, texting, messaging where people could hide behind a computer screen or their phones to talk shit about you or to you.

But the facts still remain in life.  You never know what someone else is going through or have went through.  You do not know what sacrifices have been made or are still being made.  I don't know if peoples eyes will be opened up as they get older, get married and have children.  I cannot predict the future.  But I certainly hope so, because sitting around being self righteous and speaking of things you do not even understand or know the slightest thing about is certainly pointless and a huge waste of time.

And one thing I know for sure is time is precious.  We all think we have plenty of it, but we never really do, do we?

I think it's sad that people cannot see growth.  They have something stuck in their head, and cannot grow or disembark themselves from it.  So they hold on to it as if it's the truth-and the only truth.  Cannot see beyond themselves, cannot see the fabrications of their own life.  Everyone who truly knows them, knows it's a delusion.  Why can't they!?  Does this co back to simple selfishness?

And how does someone navigate through relationships with people who do not know them when they have a target on their back?  How is that fair to either person?  It just causes uncomfortable situations.

I am not unique, I am sure I am just one of millions of people who feel like they are not seen for who they really are.  They are looked at through someone else's eyes-and so no matter what they say, or what they do-they only are seen in a negative way.

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