Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's happening?

Today, my baby is having a baby.  That's right, little sweet tiny Teresa Laura Lynn went into active labor yesterday morning following her appointment where they went in and did a "sweep" it.

I am not able to be public about this information yet, though when Alex messaged me I did yell out-omg it's happening, to my workmates...(who are not connected by family, friends, or social media) so it's still technically a secret!

I wouldn't want to spoil the moment of sharing such news with anyone before them anyway, but we all know it's coming-that certainly isn't a big secret!

Last night, after 8:30 pm my time/4:30 pm their time it was radio silent.  I didn't wake up in the middle of the night being told YOUR GRANDSON HAS BEEN BORN, or wake up to any messages or missed calls.  I have reached out several times, via messenger-text, and tried to call & I am not getting responses-so I guess they are pretty busy just suffering with the pain.

This isn't how I expected this all to go, not how I expected the birth of my grandchild-but there has been a lot of things I didn't expect with little Teresa.  When she wants me around her, she tells me what she wants-says not in so many words but "I want you to drop everything and just focus on me and nothing else"...but when I do that-I get ignored.  And maybe I am just being sensitive, maybe I am upset because I cannot be there!  I don't know, but I do know that I have had three babies-and I know you always have time to talk to your mother for a few seconds.  Ugg, I hope nothing is wrong-I'm freaking out here!

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