Almost Five

Little O will be 5 years old August 12th.  The day after her birthday she embarks on her educational career at CCES as a Kindergartner!  She says she is nervous about starting a new school, meeting new people and not knowing what she'll be learning.  I keep telling her how exciting it will be and how much fun she's going to have.  She's not so sure yet.  I cannot wait to hear how her first day of school goes & I cannot wait to meet her teacher.  I cannot wait to be an active parent in her classroom on my Monday's off work.  I cannot wait to go on field trips and eat lunches with her during parent lunching days.  I cannot wait to get the sweet mothers day gifts they make in class, or the Christmas ornaments they make to hang on our tree this year.  This is such a small thing, a small part of her big life but it is so important and so much fun.  I missed so much with the older kids, because I was working so much and now, I am older and am more relaxed at work I can sit back and really enjoy my time (hopefully).

xoxo, Lela



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