G, W, X & Miss O

Our mini vacation with Gavin is coming to an end, he'll be leaving for North Carolina Saturday morning - so this is our last week with him.  Sucks that I have to work, but things are so crazy at the office right now and I already have vacation scheduled for the first two weeks of July!  So we'll have to plan to go see him in his new town......I am sure I'll love North Carolina.  :)

The other day, Gavin decided last minute to go visit a friend who was traveling through town (a guy he met in Alaska).  He hadn't been gone more then two minutes when Olivia piped up and said "I miss Gavin".  I laughed a bit and reminded her he had just left - and how he'd be back soon and she reminded me again how much she missed him still.  I asked her what she was going to do when he left on Saturday for North Carolina and she simply said (and she meant it) "FREAK OUT!"....I tried hard not to laugh-but how sweet is that child?  We will all miss him.

On Monday I took the kids to lunch and run a few errands.  They graced me with a few smiles-and here is our outcome :)

xoxo, Lela



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