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Has anyone else tried out Poshmark?  If you have not tried it out, please sign up under me and you'll get FREE $$$ to spend on your first purchase...I will get free money too!  So double the bonus.  Okay, so what is Poshmark?  It's an app (you can use the website/computer too) where you can buy new and used items from people all over the country (I buy USA only).  You can sell your stuff too.  It's kind of like ebay, but better.  SO far, I give it an A- or 9 out of 10 stars.  What could make it 10, IDK, maybe cheaper shipping (though that is all on the seller).

What I love about it?

Well, if you're like me - you find items you're totally in love with and you wear it often and for a while once you really find that one thing....but by the time it's worn out - they no longer sell it in the stores.  Soooo you can find it on POSHMARK, because someone out there didn't love it as much as you and it sat in their closet & now they are selling it at a reduced price but it still has the freaking tags on it.  I speak from experience when I say's awesome!  I have replaced several key loved items in my closet this way already!  Score!

I also have sold a few items on there, though that isn't really my thing.  I find giving my stuff away for free makes me feel happier-if I could only get those girls to come pick up their loot though (I a not naming names Telisha and Melanie) woops I just did!  Sorry guys lol!  But seriously, come get your cool shit!  And if not, sign up on Poshmark so I can get some free cashola!

Here is just a few items I am waiting on right now.....brands like Torrid, Love on a Hanger & Lucky (pics are from sellers)



I love Poshmark, the #1 app to buy and sell fashion, and know you will love it too! Make money and shop over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off. It's fun and easy - I promise!

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- Lela



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