Thursday, May 31, 2018


[Photo Credit to Oscar's Mom: Teresa]

Little "Osky" as his mom nicknamed him is growing and growing.  Hard to believe that he'll be here in just four short months.  I have plans to visit the little family at the end of September-beginning of October.  Still working out all those details.  I sure am looking forward to meeting this little guy, named after my Grandfather, Oscar Haug - a great man!  His middle name, Allen, is also a family name, named after her paternal Grandfather, Allen Soncrant.  Allen was not really her paternal at all, he was in fact her step-grandfather by blood - but he treated Teresa from the day she was born, like his own flesh and blood.  Both of these fantastic gentlemen have already left us on earth.  But they leave behind a group of people who have a better understanding of real love, high morals and gentle hearts.

I can't tell you how much I love this little guy already - it breaks my heart to think about how he'll be growing up across the country from me and how I can't be there for him as a grandmother like I always dreamed of being.  I know how my grandparents must have felt with their daughter, my beautiful mother, moving away from IL to put roots down in the south....I guess we'll do the best we can to spend as much time together as possible.

On a side note, how cute are these blocks Grandma & Grandma Johnson got little Osky?  If you want to know where I bought them, message me & I'll hook you up.

Until next time,
xoxo, Lela

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