Did you know......Birks are Back?

So I've never really been a fan of Birkenstocks.  I used to only see people that I considered "hippies" as a child wearing them with their long flowy skirts & big floppy hats driving around in their VW Bugs or Vans.  Ya know, the 70's in the 80's.  It wasn't my thing, back in the 80s or 90s when some people were still kicking them around town.

But I did notice a few months ago that they have made a come back and that they are actually cute (looking at them with my adult boho brain).  I looked at their website and decided I had to have a pair and have been looking and thinking about it for months.  I finally pulled the trigger & bought a pair.  I will have to come back and give a review once I have tried them on and wore them around a bit to let you all know if they are as great as I think they'll be (and comfortable).


W X & O

Well, what can I say?  I have some sweet little kids (well not really so little anymore - Weston is as tall as me & Xander is catching up pretty quickly).  Where does the time go?  Seriously, please can someone please tell me?

I am late at posting this, these photos were taken before Christmas last year so I could hand them out as gifts - plus I do try to get pictures of the kids at least once a year all together - that is about all I can bring myself to do to the boys since they hate having their pictures taken so much. Olivia on the other hand, loves it until it's time-she loves the dressing up part - but not so much the sitting still and letting me photograph her part (LOL).  In due time, I hope-that will all change.  Especially since I am really just shooting for myself these days.......I really need them (her) to "model" for me more now then ever.....

xoxo, Lela

Back on WW-Pray for Me :D

Well, I started Weight Watchers again.  This time, I set myself small goals.  Maybe I can be more successful if I have small goals to achieve and not just put so much pressure on myself.  I'd love to hear any one else's goals if they have any I can add to the list.....
  1. Loose 20 pounds
  2. Start Working Out (walking)
  3. Loose another 20 pounds (total of 40)
  4. Jog my street and back wo/stopping
I need a partner in crime, to go on this journey with me......who's in?

Hot, Fluffy, Bread!

Why is it so hard to give up bread?  I mean, even though I have cut gluten out for the most part - I still try to find ways to eat bread-even if it's just gluten free bread!  Bread is so yummy. Today, we had some free food given to us at work and I even grabbed a slice of bread and quickly put it back - I mean, I know how it will make me feel (like shit)....so why even bother!  So I had some tuna salad and roast beef instead (NO BREAD).........no wonder I can't loose any dang weight!  Insert cuss word!


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