I read this on facebook today.  It sums up how I feel.  And if  you're offended, I am sorry.  But this is logical to me.

"Don't tell me it's a gun control issue. Don't attempt to even hint that it's the NRA or Trump that is causing this. This.. THIS is a mental health issue that is NOT being addressed in America. We all had bullies in school, we had "weird" kids but they didn't gun down other students. THIS is directly related to a combination of mental health,
Poor parenting, and the pussy-fication of this nation. When our children don't know what bathroom to use, are offended by everything, and see that they are exonerated from their actions because they can blame it on others.. THAT In itself IS the problem. Murder is illegal. Drugs are illegal. Yet they still happen. Calling for stronger gun laws isn't the answer. It isn't the gun.. start holding the perpetrator responsible, and the system that failed them."



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